Monday, January 19, 2009



Anonymous said...

i think those who should go for psychatric assessment should the mad bull (eliza manninghambuller), the better die (stella).

pinkplanet said...

honestly i am not so sure if the Rothchild would be the bubble though, it seems it is his memory, but the bubby i am having is not coherent at all, i could certainly overule it if i want. or maybe i am just talking with myself. the 'show' for the 'adidas bikini' also the 'show' for the 'bus incident' back in homeland, was to stop people from coming to us, or else lord would get people coming to us and harrass us. so it was better off for us that we could try to get those people away from us.

i guess lord's goal is to make a mighty creature like him/her, and he treats us as offspring. we were apps before, and it is important that we are programmed with animal survival instinct, such as desire to reproduce, i,e, we enjoy sex, until at a point that we gained enough intelligence and then programme ourselves.

honestly, if you think mad cow disease was unfair to you, think of the cows/bulls. Biologically they are superior to human beings, they have natural protection, i.e. their fur, and their digestion system can cope with cellulose, whereas we can't, we have to process all the food we eat at first. we were feeding them the bones and connection tissues of the dead cows/bulls, it is like feeding humans with our own corpse, it is so unfair to them.

also i think the lord made it clear why we are eating the other animals etc... it is all part of the agelong plan.

I have the desire to reprogramme myself, fixing my genetic faults, i think that is what all humanity should do.

I know you guys might think that i am ill mannered and I am not outstanding person etc. I do think that I am ordinary person though. but I just took the curses, and my brain was damaged, the lord himself/herself says that i am very intelligent judging by my brain capacity, so i think you should trust the lord who is only wise.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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