Thursday, December 11, 2008

This article appeared as a link on PRAVDA - related to an article upon 'Circumcision'.


Anonymous said...

So this looks very like PETRONELLA.

What are we saying here - that she is a RUSSIAN MALE SPY?

Who took the photograph and when.

Only 'circumcised'?

Black Rabbit said...

The photograph was taken at the TEMPLAR CASTLE near MONS and by 'guess who'.

Anonymous said...

ALBANIANS - the pair of them look like brother and sister...

Anonymous said...

PETRONELLA has refused PUTIN'S orders to leave Flat 1, EAGLE HOUSE.

How dumb is she?

A real 'dumb broad' but unfortunately not with MONROE looks...just a man dressed up as a woman - and too ugly to pass herself off as a real woman. No real woman is that 'ugly'. As a man she would be 'passable' in terms of sexual attractiveness.

Tomlinson was buttering her up at the TEMPLAR CASTLE with the above photograph - trying to make her feel 'beautiful' by digital manipulation.

ericswan said...

Clan Destine said...
You RI guys please just ignore me, I'm talking to someone else. Since Jeff has obviously bailed on this place.. I figure he won't mind if I use his phone.


Okay I am going to answer you directly, in the only way I know how... you'll still be unsatisfied. Watch.

I already told you how I "know." I said I don't. Then you softened it accordingly and asked what brought me to me "opinions."

So here it is. You've heard of black ops? You've heard of chess? Most black ops are like chess. Half the time it is a mindfuck on the operatives performing the op. You never know. All you know is it might be real, it might be a drill, it might be a test, it might be for you, it might not be. Sometimes you are being shown stuff for the sole purpose of determining what you do with the information. Do you tell anyone? Do you act on what you think you know? Mostly it is a dark black op... an op to suss out agent liability. You never know what is real. That's the way they want it.

From a culture of that, you move into a culture of government mentalists. Brain spies. Drugs are used... methods are explored.

The bottom line is you find out that different levels of mental consciousness are not empty... they are in fact full.

In layman's terms... humans, given the right training... can channel aliens.

At least this is what you THINK is happening, if you are the one doing the drugs and the meditative routine and the contacting.

So you derive "opinions" based upon information you receive while you are "contacting" what you perceive as aliens. But then you start realizing that the mind is a tricky thing and channeled experience could be anything really... it could be aliens (just what it says, your handlers say, and the program says), or it could be a hallucination generated by your brain, or it could be something else pretending to be an alien... it could be the truth, it could be lies, it could be both, it could be neither. In the art of war, there are many, many ways to formulate "belief" in others. There are also many ways to get the subject to act on those (implanted) beliefs. The primary job of the Magi is to formulate and implant belief systems. It's what every magician, every teacher, every politician, every preacher... does.

Cabalism IS the operation of the science of belief.

The thing about mind drugs is that when you are under their influence, you are more trying to figure out what YOU are than what things that are not you are. The most compelling thing about leaving your body is your SELF.

So I made my mental wanderings separate from influence handlers. I isolated myself and I tripped more.
It was what happened as a result of that (already described) that I pulled through the canoddleing and finally saw for myself what the truth of the mental matter was.

But it is still just what I believe to be the truth. The difference from before is that I was using my own drugs and methods... and because of that my bullshit detector was not suppressed.

It's easier to smell a rat when you are not in the rathole.

So I (now) come at this cosmology thing from a deductive reasoning stance... mixed with, what I believe to be, a clear picture of what the reality of "the situation" is. If you know what the puzzle looks like when it is finished, then it is much easier to find the correct place for all the separate pieces and how they fit together... the pieces obviate themselves through logic.

Things that I am certain of (as derived from sorting through the lies and agendas bouncing around in the astral and human planes)...

Earth was made a prison for Scaly Sirians by a collective of moralistic Overlords. Their home planet was likewise imprisoned. The star Sirius was companioned and tuned similarly. Sirius, which is much closer than presumed, is the brightest star in the sky, not because of its distance and magnitude, but because it is tuned similarly to our Sun and thus resonant with this region of space. From here it "looks" brighter." Its another cell of the same prison frequency.

Once you get your head around the idea that the Universe does not run on gravity, but instead the primary juice is the God Current, the whole thing becomes much easier.

Electricity and all of its propensities runs the show in this Universe. It's all about positive and negative potentials playing off each other. Resonance. Once you know what everything is and how everything works, it's easy to "tune a Sun."
Overlords do it all the time. It's how they tend their dna gardens. You want giant Reptiles.. and giant everything? Tune the Sun. You want vegetative or animal life to reign? Tune the Sun. You want both? You know what to do. How about silicon based gardens? Let's try this Sun over here... tune it down to silicon... adapt resonators to evolutionary push. Initiate New Sun.

You see, the Annunaki not only defiled dna by descending and touching it... they went one step further and mixed a hybrid out of their own.

The Overlords think Annunaki scientific methods are unclean, unholy, and untenable. You don't TOUCH the organism... and you certainly don't FUCK IT.

All that stuff "I know," not because I sat down and interviewed the parties involved, or because I was there, or because I am a psychic know-it-all. When you trip on certain channels in the astral, that knowledge is like the dial tone. It's background noise. It is the shape of things. It's like when you are in a hospital. You don't need a sign that says HOSPITAL to inform you where you are. It is obvious. It's the same. There is a quit hush that is a load roar that is a hologram of the bad bad thing that went down here.

Basic Hologram

Annunaki: a gutteral bad problem in that they disrespect order and cleanliness. Finally went too far by assaulting life principle and modifying incipient dna program. Created a "Crisis of Sentience" by introducing problem of exponential soul cascade. We become MORE of a problem because now they have to process us after we die. They are forced to respect us (after we die) In doing so the Annunaki gave an illegal "edge" to their own dna strain.
So they got Quarantined by some eminence fiddling with the Sun... the only way of locking them down.

Of this much I am certain.

Everything else is derived from deductive reasoning... like filling in blanks in a joke if you already know the punchline... or setting a shuffled card deck in order when you know how to count.

How can I PROVE there is a Quarantine? Well it depends on who I am proving it to, and the levels of certainty that person needs to engage in order to call it proven.

You could look at the legend of the fallen angel Lucifer... or Satan, or Melchezidec or Michael or whomever... and you could see that this looks sort of like a Quarantine... of sorts.

Then you could look at the Moon, and Apollo, and ask, why did they call Apollo a "space race" when there was only one contestant? Why did the Russians not go for second place on the Moon? Why didn't they plant a flag... make a big TV splash. We are talking the Moon here... second place gets as much mileage as first. They didn't go. And America never went back. And come to think of it, considering how easy it would be by today's standards... NOBODY has gone there since Apollo the last. Does this make any sense to anybody?
Add that to the obvious fact that Apollo was faked... and what do you get?

A/ Why would they go to all the trouble to fake it?

B/ Oh, that's why.

Deductive reasoning says there is some kind of lock down on this planet that those humans who are in a position to leave orbit know about... and henceforth do not leave orbit.

Deductive reasoning says that NASA is already in contact with aliens.
Freemasons in space covertly mixing Egyptian methodologies into their procedural regime equals humans cavorting at the behest of cabalistic alien directors. I mean, wipe the sand out of your eyes and do the math.

Other mathematically derived "belief systems" (backed by a bit of "vision")

The whole "Nibiru" claim is a cover story. There is no "home" planet with a 3600 year cycle. It's a dodge... a ruse... a likely story told to the slaves to divert away from the criminality of their enterprise. It might have something to do with a window of opportunity (solar derived) that arrives every once in a while. Prison break based on a cyclical perturbation. A "chance" to get "home."

Once you know THAT the Annunaki move through human civilization using the Illuminati as their operative agency...
it is EASY to see HOW the Annunaki move through human civilization using the Illuminati as their operative agency. You can see what they do, how they do it, and you can see the humans involved for the actors that they are. You can do their lines for them, in a pinch.
If you know they are actors and there's a script and an agenda... well then it's easy to spot it when its gears are turning.

All that "tuning the sun" stuff and other weird technical things that come out of me come from dabbling in weird physics all my life and seeing and experiencing things and doing stuff that is generally considered not possible. Also, my understanding of physics is non-standard. The standard understanding of physics is completely flawed and is mostly a carefully constructed cover story designed to lead you away from non-standard (or real) physics.

So, when I saw tower one collapse on 9-11 I suspected it was a resonance based effect aimed from space and involving dephasing molecular cohesion. When the second tower collapsed I was certain of it. Any explosives used in that collapse were for visual effect.
I KNEW this.
As a result, when the following day we saw the first footage of a plane DISAPPEARING into a building... I instantly knew that this and all other "plane hitting building" footage was faked.
So, In the months following the events... I wait for it. Sure enough, it emerges. It is the most loonified version of what happened that day... something so crazy that even 911 truthers distance themselves from it. Only the crazy believe that the buildings were felled by "energy weapons" and worse... that there were "no planes."

You see, there were no fucking American Airlines planes, and the buildings were dropped with energy weapons. It's obvious. Especially since it emerges that the concepts are represented by the "fringe" crackpot crowd. This seals the case.
It's the way humans work and the way the truth is dealt with by the Iluminati and how Black Operations are concealed. It's standard operating procedure. It's a formula. Once you know it, once you know all the technical elements and procedural posturing... it just looks like business as usual.

There's your "phased plasma rifles" Sunking. Phased plasma rifles surely brought down the twin towers.
Melted cars and metal girders twisted inside out. Refer to (google) the "angel light" for a phased plasma rifle (though they won't call it that). Hutchinson effect by way of optically phased plasma... built into a ray gun apparatus.

You don't have to be in contact with aliens or be an "insider" with special info to see the world for what it is. It is sitting right in front of you... naked. There are a million voices all trying to tell you it is something other than what it is. People tend not to believe their lying eyes.

We see what we are familiar with.
If it is unfamiliar, we tend not to see it.

When you say, "Prove it...", all that I can do is invite you to see it the way I do. That's the only proof I can offer.

1/28/2009 03:02:00 AM

MIB HQ said...
MIB agent 007,
Your report was received on the 27th instant and understood. Clearly suspect CD has blown his hither to covert agenda by revealing his/it's underlying misanthropy.
Please initiate appropriate corrective action according to karmic constraints and our records will be updated to reflect same.

1/28/2009 06:58:00 AM

pinkplanet said...

I guess everybody has been posting on the website, and I better have my own say.

I am the pink planet you talked about, but honestly my memory is blurred, but I am very so sure the things happened, and i felt different, now they got me an appointment to the early intervention in psychosis service. I think that is quite unfair to me, and I was simply stating the facts and our feelings. Honestly I do not think that I am respected at all, all the way people dealt with me gave me some bad feelings, and at the end we had to react because we couldn't deal with all these at all, and they think that I am mad.

ALso I do not understand, If the mad bull is such a bad person, why does she become a baroness? i guess she just has all the faults of a typical human-being, which i have as well.

zion wanted to see who was faithful, but the feedback seems to be horrible, not pleased. Jews are not really grateful, because they wanted this, and then they regretted and shifted the blames. everybody were laughing over the 'buddy incident'.

every pieces of broken memory became coherent now. I very much understand the philosophy behind everything. maybe people are all mad. so why should I see a psychologist? I feel horrible the way that i am treated, i think most of them 'tolerated' me is because that they wanted the things zion promised... that is a very selfish way of thinking... yes the stuff is for salvation, but why don't we save ourselves now, i feel so cold here, people just do not care about things that there is nothing to do with them.

pinkplanet said...

honestly, the things happened to me is what i was afraid most, because in exchange for the salvation, i said when i was young, i would allow the worst curses to be fallen onto me, since then my grandma caught cancer, i am 25 and i am still dependent on my grandparents. i also became stupid, i also became vain. A lot of people thought that i am a bitch etc. all my deepest fears are just coming true and being fallen onto me.

when i was a child, a group of childrren ganged up and they just strip off my trousers etc, i cried to the teacher for help, and she does not help me, they just bullied me out of no reason. I did not know why i was also overweighted, in middle school, the teacher just particularly did not like me, and every fellow classmates dislike me because i was arguly. my parents did not know how to educate me, i was confused, I begged to god and i wish everything could be better, i just took all the curses and hoped the world would be better and yet it has never been better.

in france the hopsital, i was poisoned my them gradually for 3 months, my brain was blocked, but it was still pain. I could not breath properly, I could not sleep properly. Here I am working, and i am also dependent on my own family, and yet they laugh at me setting up too many fire alarms... that was my childhood fear, that i would set up fire alarms...

i feel so so so horrible... i feel that i am partly controlled, and i am dependent on a sort of mental pain killer and supress all those feelings, prescribed by zion itself, all those mental tortment i went through.

i wanted to get rid all those cruptted people, i now realise how people laughed at me, how many contacts i got on skype on msn, they never care about me as a person. I do not really enjoy everything.

It looks as if that it appears to be a scam that developed by me, but i am merely a puppet, my mind was twisted for many times, and for the old git, my mind was twisted that i really 'loved' him, so that the loathe could be satisfied, i think with so many people 'love' zion, and pray so many times a day, and then with catholic's belief that a woman could be pregenant without any sin, that was the whole reason, zion got so much harrassed.

you know what, when last time i saw the doctor, she asked me three times, and you know what some people just want me to be miserable and homeless.

I am sure that they will soon get what they want. I think one of the biggest payoff of all those thing, was a giant computer i was promised that could work out the mystery of dna, and then free everything, it was backed out. I do not think zion would fulfill all the promises and prophency. I certainly do not want to at all.

I feel people are just laughing at me, they do not care about me. i know if zion retreats, i would collaspe, because i am so dependent on it now, but i still did what i wanted, even if i became the stuff i hated.

I do not think the reality would be shifted, what zion would be probably is to brainwash you guys like they did with christianity's greatest preecher paul. also, jesus was indeed eaten when he sacrifice himself, that is why zion tolerated him to be worshiped in another way, because he was decomposed and became a part of zion. i do not know if his scarifice was out of his own will, he certainly would have agreed like i did. but who wouldn't agree? if you were always bullied everyday, if your parents do not care about you, if you were fat and ugly, i just wished to give up anything for a change. Jesus was the same, humble and poor and nobody cared him, if someone popped up and asked him, i would let everybody worship you, and he would do that.

pink said...

i sometimes wonder why zion created me in the first place, i was so full of desire, and so much wanted to control, and so much wanted to have strength, yet my parents were so poor, everybody dislikes me, and i am so much weak comparing with other people. I loved all the creatures, and i had the desires to make all the them, now my brain is partly damaged, it seems the thing takes the part of me that is most closely related to him/her to build the connection, and that bit of me probably is cloest to me. I no longer like to read as much as I did before, i did not enjoy things as much as i did before, I am no longer passionate as i did before. it has a lot of side effects.

I am so fed up with the way they treated me. you knew the tape i was controlled why i said all these, that was not really me. all those ascending onto the throne stuff, was when i was young i had an argument with zion, and i said why i am so meak and lowly, whereas there are some people who are born to be superior etc, for example uk there is queen/king, in japan there is one as well... i had no clue it would turn out to be like this. i was gradually brainwashed and now I am awake a little bit, maybe not much, half awake.

what do you think of the temple of mons? i am thinking that i have been helping that guy but i do not understand why i did that really. I do not think that I will be able to describe how he cheated his wife, or maybe if it is indeed needed, the information would then flash into me. honestly, i am just feed with the information i need for the next op. I am not fully informed at all, that is obviously easier for zion. if i do not agree with him/her, he would just do a mind control on me. sometimes argument, but zion mostly does whatever he/she wants.

the pieces of information/memories etc i know are broken pieces, the information flow in and outside and i was a channel, and a small part remain inside me...

Anonymous said...

The joys of being a mind control slave - heh, heh - and there are not many people who haven't been microchipped by now, in the UK.

One plus point about microchipping is how the basic system works - and how it is now messing up all ILL plans.

Put simply, once the ILLuminati started fighting - they started injecting their own personal chips into slaves - this was in terms of intelligence services, the Monarchy, Corporate Business, you name it.

A microchip essentially works by sending a radioed message to a lower level of your conscious mind - into the subconscious mind. You are then supposed to act upon it, without thinking about it.

However, if you get CONFLICTING demands from various different microchips - the CONFLICT between the commands makes you indecisive - the whole matter rises to your CONSCIOUS mind and you make your mind up independently.

Beautiful, isn't it?

The ILL have overstepped the mark and people are becoming MORE conscious because of microchipping because of these warring ILL factions, rather than LESS conscious of what they are doing.

Anonymous said...

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