Saturday, July 12, 2008


Anonymous said...

This is Tomlinson's mind control slave, I take it?

The one programmed with CANNIBAL VAMPIRE BAT?

Her medical history is not good on FBI files. Behaviour unstable and erratic - delusions combined with attacks of severe paranoid schizophrenia.

She is also anaemic with low blood sugar - as most of these mind control slaves end up.

Black Rabbit said...

Right on all scores. Our assessment too. A danger to all of her neighbours.

Black Rabbit said...

If you are driving into Harwich, you might want to glance (how could you miss) a MASSIVE BARREL - almost as tall as a man. It is currently standing on one of the islands off the A12.

The Police have been contacted and so it won't be there long.

Specialist forensic teams will be required to investigate it.

Stephen Daldry used this BARREL at his Templar rites, to 'pickle' dead children in, as he put it. The DNA evidence is all in there.

If you would like the precise location of this barrel, please contact:

They were instructed by a woman called BECKY (who organised this whole move for PETRONELLA) to leave it there as a programming object.

Black Rabbit said...

Another member of this paedophile cult, drove Petronella all the way to Harwich in his car:


KUO6 KAE - a silver Peugeot

Anonymous said...

Illuminati basic colour codes:

11 - black
12 - turquoise
13 - magenta pink
14 - yellow

Let me see at number 11 we have the MANASSEH priests/ priestesses like PETRONELLA with their witch's staffs (if she has a silver Blue Peter badge on it - all the worse)...and they are characterised by BLACK.

12/13 then describe the 'ravens' or REUVEN and GAD tribes, as in TURQUOISE and MAGENTA.

John Scarlett is supposedly the HEAD/TOP RAVEN of the UK ILL cult.

So now one can see that the 'yellow bananas' or should one say the British Ashkenazim 'yellow team' like the Royals and SAATCHIS of this world...have put themselves above ALL of the 13 tribes at number 14.

They have in effect, put themselves OUTSIDE of Judaism altogether.

They have made it quite clear that they see themselves as BETTER, HIGHER, MORE ELEVATED than the tribes of Israel.

So one can say that this makes them even MORE evil than the number 11s of the ILL cult...isn't that fascinating? EVEN more evil than the MANASSEH tribe.

So those who were given a number 11 code, were in fact, rather low down in the scheme of things...those like Manningham-Buller and Rimington...they simply ran the 'WITCH backstreet-abortionist cult'.

Yet it is the MANESSEH TRIBE which made a bid for dominance ...the 'abortionists' of the cult...those who DAIRY FARM...they started to call themselves the SPACE give themselves a more elevated status...and 'armed' with GEORGE BUSH, set out for world domination.

How could this all come about?

Because the cult is rotten from top to bottom - it reeks of evil.

However, only those who were TRULY evil, were allowed to know more than everybody else because those who weren't - tried to rebel. Those chosen to be number 11s were the most evil of the 13 tribes...and so knew more than everybody else...policed everybody else...therefore they had a much better chance of working out the system...or if not of working it out, of finding out how to take the ILL cult over and that is what they then proceeded to do.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post about HAUT de la Garenne.

It was officially 'opened' by the Royal Family to be used in DAIRY FARMING (and we all know what that means - using human beings as mind control slaves for the black markets - zygotes, human eggs, sperm, foetuses, babies).

David Miliband spent his early years at this base.

I visited myself in the late 1960s.

There were various appalling tortures:

Girls of 5/6 years old or less, were tied to the kitchen chairs, had their vaginas abused until they disassociated and were then told (whilst in a trance-like state)to imagine themselves in a rusty green metal military chest - to 'lock up' their memories of such extreme abuse. Abuse which was to prepare them for the 'real thing' once they had begun to menstruate.

All of the children resident in this hell-hole were put through a torture called the BLACK DEATH.

This meant being locked in a tall, thin oak wardrobe all night, in the dark - with a rat having been thrown in. The rat was to terrorise them and to keep them awake all night.

I am not sure why this particular programming was called BLACK DEATH but assume that some sick mind control programmer was thinking about the Bubonic plague, brought into London by the rats.

This threat of THE BLACK DEATH was what terrorised most of these children.

Anonymous said...

There were other 'outdoor' tortures too.

All chidren were made to climb a climbing frame which had a big gap in the middle. It was roughly 6 foot tall and these children were small.

They then had to jump from one side to the other - to do the 'long jump' from one side to the other - which had a plastic base on top of it - very easy to miss.

A programmer remarked that the children soon learnt not to feel pain, after they had hit the concrete enough times and were then capable of getting back up and trying again until they had finally managed the leap. A drop of 6 foot, straight onto concrete for those of only 4-7 years old.

Anonymous said...

Rhys-Hadley is on Royal 'standby' to torch FLAT 1 and all of that tinderwood furniture in the cellar.

When she does the whole of Eagle House will go up like a furnace.

In fact, the whole street is likely to, considering that this house is located by the local chipshop.

Black Rabbit said...

The ROYAL FAMILY attempting to destroy the evidence again?

A 'little bird' tells me that they have already been plotting to get ALL of their TEMPLARS underground and murder them in case any of them 'talked' about anything.

Desperate times and insane people are not a 'healthy match'.

Anonymous said...

Check out this book to find out what Petronella Rhys-Hadley's programming as a 'witch' addicted to uppers i.e. speed and cocaine - this woman has a serious drug record - probably why she now claims to have 'M.E'.


Reading corner series


This book really takes the piss out of 'whizzy' who ends up in even filthier, more evil and disgusting 'alters' than she had been before - clothes = alters.