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Spot the difference: before and after plastic surgery to remove the disfiguring scar from her ‘dead’ right eye. Result of Illuminati MIND CONTROL ‘training’.

The highlights of THE unofficial biography of Eliza Manningham-Buller (as written by an ex-spook, who has worked for both MI6 and MI5):

Or as I prefer to call it: potted history of a shrimp who pretended to be a shark and ended up like one of those plastic blow-up models – just waiting to be harpooned.

Eliza Manningham-Buller

1980: guilty of the torture, disfigurement and murder of Kathleen – a Solihull schoolgirl who became an MI5 recruit upon the Russian course in 1979.

Manningham-Buller had originally been recruited into British Intelligence Services to teach Russian. She was a hopeless teacher but worse than that - she used to instruct her classes to stand up and do the 'Nazi' salute as she entered the room. We were not allowed to begin the lesson until this had been performed. She was known as the 'Mad Bull'.

Manningham-Buller took an instant dislike to Kathleen and set fire to her hair, in front of all the other trainees. No one was allowed to help Kathleen to put the flames out. Manningham-Buller was screaming ‘vanity of vanities’ to Kathleen, as her face burnt. Kathleen survived this attack but with third degree burns. She had been run as a prostitute (common use for female agents) but was now too disfigured to be used in this way. Manningham-Buller gave the order for her to be murdered. Various members of staff arranged for Kathleen to be ‘accidentally’ electrocuted. Kathleen also survived this attack. She was then smothered in her sleep. Stella Rimington attended her funeral. One of the ‘service’ always has to be at the funeral.

Manningham-Buller's reign of terror at MI5:

‘She is understood to be keen to widen the range of recruits appointed to the security service to include more from ethnic minority groups.
Her specialist field is counter-terrorism, which is especially relevant given the threat posed by Islamic groups linked to al-Qaeda.’

This is a LIE. She is creating mind control slaves to start terrorist cells.

Spooks series:

I advised M-B in 1997 to take control of public image of MI5 (rather like James Bond is a great advertisement for MI6) in the same way as the FBI had done with various cop shows including the ‘X files’.

'A security source said: "We want to attract more females but the Spooks programme may be having a bad effect because of the way some of the female characters have been killed off."'

This show is now geared to recruiting young women (after having been lambasted for putting young women off applying because of the amount of female officers dying in the first series).

This is NOT fiction. This is FACT.

Moreover, female recruits are not necessarily killed in action – the vast majority of them are murdered by their employers.

A bad joke on my part? You don’t know the half of it.

The Times October 31, 2005

"The concern about the shortage of female applicants has coincided with MI5’s drive to expand its staff from 2,000 to 3,000, following an injection of extra cash from the Treasury. Dame Eliza had originally planned to reach the new total of 3,000 by the end of 2008. But the date has now been brought forward to 2007 to cope with the increased demands for surveillance and intelligence officers since the July 7 suicide bombings in London. MI5 is also looking for new premises in London because its headquarters at Thames House is nearly full. Office blocks, big enough to take several hundred staff, are being checked within the M25 area.
One proviso is that the new building, which will act as an alternative HQ in the event of any terrorist attempt to target Thames House, will remain a secret address — as during the Cold War days when the MI5 HQ at Gower Street in London was never listed as the official home of the Security Service.
MI5 is also in the process of opening new regional premises, to house small numbers of staff to work closely with local Special Branch offices. Eight outlying stations whose precise location will also remain secret, will cover Scotland, the North East. the North West, the Midlands, Wales, southwest England, southeast England and East England"

Read ex-MI6 officer: Richard Tomlinson’ blog to get an idea of what MI5 does in tandem with Special Branch.

They have been persecuting and vilifying him for years. The ‘hidden hand’ behind all of this is MI6 but the Mad Bull and Scarlett (Penelope Pitstop to his friends) have been ‘bosom buddies’ for years. In 1979 and whilst employed as an MI6 trainer of new recruits on the 'INSET' course (a 6 month module of 'mind control' training), Scarlett was trying to have an affair with Manningham-Buller. He has had a soft spot for her every since. Manningham-Buller repaid this by having his young son kidnapped and raped in 1980.

Manningham-Buller was transsexual at birth. She is a lesbian and develops ‘crushes’ on her female colleagues. She attended a private school for girls with Princess Anne and has been part of the aristocracy from birth. She was known as the ‘Bully’, during her tenure as head-girl at this establishment.

One can say in view of Manningham-Buller's personal history that what she most needed to do was to see a ‘good therapist’, appropriate counseling – that sort of thing. What she did not need was to be made Director General of MI5. Nor did the country, for that matter.

For the ‘official’ blurb – see Wikipedia:


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Alan said...

Today is an historic day in the battle against Illuminati mind control programming.

Manningham-Buller was reported in The Times newspaper yesterday, as resigning in 2007.

One has to ask the question immediately: who will replace her?

Unfortunately the answer is not good. Someone who has a very similar CV to her in terms of being a 'specialist' in Islamic 'terrorism'.

Reading between the lines one can see that this person has obviously been her righthand man in terms of indoctrinating Islamic students (probably about 10 years ago - to let them have time to form the terrorist links, cells, acquire materials, set up smuggling rings etc).

I have already recounted how this plan would best suit their needs. Manningham-Buller was always hopeless at her job - completely disorganised and therefore would simply not have the intelligence to set up a terrorist cell from scratch. Far better to programme these people to do it and then just let them get on with it until the time came to give them their 'activation codes'.

Manningham-Buller and her Royal associates are still going to holding the country to ransome. The ransome note runs something like this:

'If you do not agree to a Nazi-controlled, totalitarian State then we will continue to terrorise and bomb this country until you do.'

It is rather like what is happening in Israel right now.

Dougal said...

Does anyone know what happened to the poor Bishop of Southwark after his night out on the tiles with Manningham-Buller?

Anonymous said...

Has anybody got a copy of the latest 'Critical Thinking' test which MI5 sets its new recruits?

What a joke!

I was shown the prototype (in use in 1997) and answer sheet at Warwick University, by Dr Collie.

I browsed through it and immediately spotted that the answer to question 3 on the paper, was obviously wrong on the answer sheet.

I queried Ms Collie on this one and she took offence.

The answer was indeed wrong (as we agreed in discussion) and I raised the objection that this made the 'Critical Thinking' test even harder for the candidates.

Not only did they have to try to work out the right answer, they then had to second-guess what mistakes the authors of this test might have made, in the preparation.

I also pointed out that this test was not actually geared to test 'Critical Thinking'. It was in fact, geared to test 'Non-Critical Thinking'.

One of the sections made this point abundantly clear.

In parenthesis, the rubric instructed the candidate to read a passage of supposedly factual information (even though it wasn't factual at all) and then to answer questions upon it, even if the candidate disagreed with the so-called 'facts' that were given.

This made a complete and utter nonsense of the idea that this paper was testing 'Critical Thinking'. You had to waive any critical thinking faculty you might have, in order to answer the questions.

Anybody with a highly developed 'Critial Thinking' ability, would refuse to do the test in view of the insane rubric given.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the 'personality' test that MI5 prospective candidates are sent to do at home, before they get to do the 'Critical Thinking' test?

The one I saw, asked the candidate for their 'preservance' rather than their 'perseverance' amongst other things, in a recent work role or on a study project at university.

'Preservance'? Who writes this rubbish? Don't they have editors?

Anonymous said...

A poster on another site mentions that Manningham-Buller was 'born with balls' just like Mrs Simpson. Is this true? Why didn't they let her be a man instead of a woman then?

Anonymous said...

In the 1940s and it is still true for some cases of transexual/hermaphroditic babies today, the British Medical profession were extremely gender-biased.

If a baby was born with varying abnormalities concerning male and female sex/reproductive organs, it was immediately considered to be 'inferior' and 'subnormal' - hence the patriarchal decision to change its sex to female - even if it had balls.

Anonymous said...

gordon said...

Thank you, 'anonymous' for this link. This is the former house of Princess Anne.

She used to do Illuminati Alice in Wonderland 'mirrorwork' mind control programming in this house, with teenage British Intelligence recruits.

The basic drill was that they made the recruit look into a full size oval mirror but the recruit wasn't allowed to see their own reflection. Princess Anne stood in such a way, that the recruit could only see her reflection in the glass.

The recruit then had the 'crown' put on their head i.e. a thin, metal band and given quite a severe electric shock.

This was to lock-in mind control programming into the subconscious.

Consciously, you had no memory of what had happened but your subconscious mind had registered that your reflection was that of Princess Anne.

This meant that she had claimed a part of your 'identity' subconsciously saw her in the mirror afterwards.

It is all about 'ownership' of your own mind.

Mirrorwork was designed to make sure that the programmer had planted their own image over your own - which meant that you would then follow their commands far more compliantly.

This type of training was done to hundreds of recruits - however it specifically targetted those termed 'oranges'i.e. descendents from the House of Orange who had a better claim to the British Throne than the so-called Windsors did.

Those unfortunate women termed 'orange' rarely lived past 30 years old - most were murdered beforehand.

They were bred like pedigree dogs by Princess Anne and their zygotes were used in genetic experimentation. These women were kept in the dark as to their true genetic heritage and under mind control, had no hope of either finding out the truth, or escaping the system.

Anonymous said...

So where is the lowdown on the real SH** on Manningham-Buller then?

What about her insane behaviour and the atrocities that she committed at the Templar Castle near Mons, France in 2001? The French police know all about it - why not ask them?

Or you can read it here. Manningham-Buller keeps lamas bcause like George Bush (don't laugh) she thinks that she is a descendent of the 'space lizards' who came down to Earth and intermarried with human beings. The 'spaceship' of her ancestors landed in the Aztec world.

Manningham-Buller reads the entrails of her lamas in her spare time - dresses up in that 'sun god' costume that Alistair Crowley was infamous for using in his black magic PANTOMIME charade.

However, even HE didn't got as far as the insane Manningham-Buller. Her friends describe what she does at these rituals euphemistically as 'BREAKING PLATES'.

She cuts open the stomach of a live woman and then fishes around in their entrails (whilst they are in agony upon the ground) with a large lit torch.

Something more horrific or gut-churning, you could not imagine - I saw it in person - but was powerless to stop her - one of the 'slaves' taken at that castle but subsequently freed by the British Army (who also know what happened - a MASSIVE cover-up).

Anonymous said...

Womb envy.

Mixed with insanity - resulting from Illuminati programming.

Anonymous said...

What about the photographs of the potato-heads?

Prince Phillip and Prince William who were spotted leaving the Castle with potato sacks over their heads - so that the majority of the lower levels of the British Army couldn't see who they were. The higher echelons of SIS all did - and bundled them into the back of a van.

Anonymous said...

From the journal of a high-level 'carrier pigeon' messenger for the Illuminati cult:

"The Well of Souls (Arabic:Bir el- Arweh) is the name of a natural cave located immediately beneath the Sakhrah (the Foundation Stone) in the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. In addition to a small well shaped hole in the stone that looks into the cave, there is also an entrance on the southern side, via a set of steps passing through a gap between the stone and the surrounding bedrock.[1] The cave takes the form of a moderately sized room[2] (similar in floor space to the stone), the ceiling curving to the ground gently, and the floor having been flattened and carpeted. The southern end of the cave, through which the steps enter it, has man-made walls[3] to provide structural support to the cave roof above the steps.
Rabbi David ben Solomon ibn Abi Zimra attested to the existence of a cave, found under the Dome of the Rock,[4] known as the Well of Souls.
Since Islamic tradition holds that Muhammad ascended heavenwards from the stone, a related tradition has grown up that states that the Last Judgment will happen at the Sakhrah, and that the souls of the dead gather in the well of souls to wait for that event, and to pray."

This is it - this webpage on Wikipedia THE WELL OF SOULS explained EVERYTHING for me - I finally got what had happened below Temple Mount.

Firstly - look at the aerial photograph of it on Wikipedia - it looks like the reverse image of the Illuminati 'rabbit' drawing that they showed us early on - complete with the 'eye'.

Secondly the 'well of souls' is supposed to be a 'moderately sized' room - that was PRECISELY what I had stood in - in pitch dark blackness but knew it to be a cave in the rock - with Scarlett and Rimington BEFORE falling down the relatively small hole in the ground - missing the rungladder but riccochetting off its back wall into the rung ladder and getting stuck between the wall and ladder as a feet and hands found the rungs - very lucky indeed - as Rimington was to laugh about - they had had a nasty accident with one guy - who managed to impale himself on the spikes below.

Rimington had laughed at me in this 'well of souls' - I could hear people above and threatened to scream for help. She mentioned the people above and you could hear them faintly and how anyone screaming from that room would disturb them all greatly. I can see why now - the Muslims believe that the souls of the dead will congregate in this room - on the day of the Last Judgement. Anybody heard screaming from this 'well of souls' would be supposed to be a 'soul of the dead'. I guess that it what the guy had sounded like - the one who had impaled himself.

The article about the 'well of souls' states that this room is now carpetted...I would guess that a manhole cover has also been put down this tunnel underground from that cave-like room.

"According to pre-Islamic folklore, the well of souls was a place where the voices of the dead could be heard along with the sounds of the Rivers of Paradise, as, according to the folklore, the cave is located on top of the Abyss of Chaos; the cave is now known to have no exit apart from those leading to the surface of the Sakhrah, and the sounds have been argued to be a resonance effect similar to hearing the sea from seashells. The well of souls is sometimes conflated with the guf, a location in Jewish mythology, where the souls of the not-yet-born are stored, though the guf is usually considered to be a more heavenly location than an earth-bound one.
The Well of Souls is sometimes considered the hiding place of the Ark of the Covenant in legends stating that the Ark was hidden beneath the Temple Mount, but removed when Solomon's temple was destroyed by the neo-Babylonians. In this context it appeared in Raiders of the Lost Ark, although relocated to Tanis, Egypt."

One can see from the above information that nobody visiting the Dome of the Rock and hearing faint wailing from below...would want to find out
who was making that would be framed as a 'religious experience' - that one had heard the 'souls of the dead'.

In addition, one can see that 'according to the folklore, the cave is located on top of the Abyss of Chaos', apparently nobody on the Internet knows about this 'Abyss of Chaos' underneath the 'well of souls' apart from this article...couldn't find any other mention of it.

I know exactly what this 'Abyss of Chaos' beneath the Well of Souls means: it means Herod's Temple - used by the Templars for their evil rites.

Let me go over the events again...down the steps under the Dome of the Rock to that underground chamber called THE WELL OF SOULS - no light put in it - although I now have the distinct impression that I was shown this small room AND the red carpet on the floor AND a stand-up lamp in the corner at some point although have NO knowledge of this room on this side of the mirror...however, I was then taken there again and in complete darkness... - then down the rung ladder and a crawl through the rock - via a small hole made by a natural stream which had long since dried up - the TINTIN book about BLACK ISLAND (used on Illuminati programming as a mind control text by British Intelligence to 'cover' memories of abuse) also has a similiar tunnel which reminded me again of the whole experience and so prompted me to look up the Dome of the Rock again...Anyway the crawl through the rock would take one AWAY from the Dome of the underneath ANOTHER place on Temple Mount.

I can guess where THAT would be: the memory of walking around on Temple Mount with Rimington and Scarlett...her asking where I thought the
'temple' was and my pointing to that 'chessboard' with the 'rock sculpture pieces' upon it - in front of the Arabic Museum.

Rimington was messing around with my mind - she said 'no' and that 'everyone said that'...she then pointed to the other side of the Dome of the Rock and said that the Jews believed that their Temple had once stood over there and were planning to build their new one in that location.

This puzzled me no end...I had assumed that she was referring to that Masonic Temple underground to which we had all been taken for that terrible 'induction' into the OTO cult - underneath Temple Mount and like all of the others, who had been asked the same question - had immediately psychicly guessed that this was in fact, beneath that demonic 'rock piece' chessboard between the Islamic Museum and Al Aqsa Mosque - on the other side of the Dome of the Rock. It makes sense - the Templars and Imams were known to have a very 'cosy' relationship - when they all lived together in the Dome of the Rock.

This was what Rimington and Scarlett were to call 'HEROD'S TEMPLE'.

I wonder now...perhaps it was more accessible in that epoch. One can see that many of the early peoples, carved their houses into the rock...or used natural caves (and put windows and doors into them) which are all over the surrounding hills of they most probably did the same with Herod's the Assyrians did with their Temples...built them into the rock face. However, over the centuries...this 'cave cities' became buried.
The City of David is a case in point - just outside the walls of the Old City.

Herod is known to have been a 'conquering king' and not necessarily Jewish at all - most historians figure a Babylonian heritage and his Temple would
have been in keeping with whatever gods he worshipped - Sharon told me that in Sephardic history - Herod was recorded to have rounded up all of the
Jewish Rabbis and murdered them all - apart from one that he blinded and kept his prisoner - as a sort of 'seer'.

"...the cave is now known to have no exit apart from those leading to the surface of the Sakhrah"...

Why 'now known'?

Peculiar wording...suggesting that it was once known 'otherwise'...and it was once known that there was another exit to the 'well of souls' because I took
it down that rung ladder and via the small 'naturally carved' tunnel...further underground to Herod's Temple.

The ex-Microsoft guy who told me about the Palestinian excavations which were proceeding in that very area to determine why Al Aqsa Mosque AND
the Dome of the Rock were upon such shaky ground...there were splits beginning to occur in the beams and general supports for both buildings...and
something underground was causing them. One could guess where that might stem from...and would also assume that this excavation had found that secret Herod's what did they do about it? I searched the Internet for any references to this excavation after returning from Jerusalem but found guess is that they would have filled it in fast...the whole underground chamber beneath the well of souls. I do not suppose that the Muslim world would be ready to hear that there was a demonic Bablylonian Temple almost underneath Al Aqsa Mosque. It would take the rug from underneath their feet, in many ways.

One also has to say that certain Imams would have already been aware of it - along with the descendents of the Templars.

Perhaps then it was simply by necessity, in order to keep up the 'sham' of the public religion above ground - in the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa Mosque that the Illuminati had to do something about this underground cavern - making it impossible for them to use it anymore for 'inductions' into the cult.
If one were a cynic about the whole thing...maybe that was the way that it all went. If both of those edifices disappeared...all hell would break loose and
the Illuminati wouldn't be able to necessarily use Islam as the chosen NWO religion.

Anyway, as I was visualising the whole secret route underground, in my mind...another image hit me...a metaphorical one:

The Illuminati love to programme with bodily imagery...using the body as a site to store programming.

I suddenly 'saw' the 'well of souls' as the STOMACH. Imagine the stomach as a small roundish cave with the duct down into the intestines...that is
how it looked and felt go down there...then to follow the intestinal tunnel into a huge room...and that is when I thought SOLAR PLEXUS...or rather that large lower colon...need to look this up in a medical text book...the one that looks like an underground lake.

I then realised that this is figuratively, how this horrific 'trip' would have been programmed into brief, our 'souls' were then trapped within our
solar plexuses...this all ties in with my solarised menstrual 'energy' had become trapped in and around the solar plexus...and only the Yogis appear to recognise this phenomenon in women who have solarised menstrual cycles...12 periods a year rather than the normal 13...the 13 that follow the cycle of the Moon...but I had been programmed to follow the 12 monthly cycle of the Sun...the RA Freemasonry cult. A 'sun child' rather than a 'moon child'. This is a Roman/Babylonian cult although the RA Freemasons see the Egyptians as having begun it all - with the Pharoah Akhenaton. Herod appears to have come from the Babylonian region (according to the Sephardim scribes) and if this was really his Temple - then it wasn't Egyptian and it didn't look Egyptian either. It looked vaguely Arabic and Masonic but I have no idea, how modern the interior design was - in 1980 - the usual strange symbols and marbled floor of the anteroom with a big sun on it, in large yellow triangles with black and grey surrounds. It could have been Victorian, for all I know. In fact, it most probably was. It was far too pristine to be ancient - the immaculately carved twisted, stone pillars at the entrance to the main Temple etc...or carefully restored - either way...but I am thinking more 'USA CAFE' type interior design in Budapest...with the same twisted pillars and gold leaf around...sort of fin-de-siecle baroque.

In addition, when one thinks of planets or 'stars'...the Earth is supposed to be molten at the is a burnt-out star in a way...this corresponds to 'centre of the earth' programming. The centre is the 'Sun' of your being. The molten lava and fire and gases.

Anyway, there was a shaft to get out of the main hall of this Temple that lead out from the back of the 'altar' and on the right of it...rather like the shafts that
lead out of the pyramids. We then came out onto high up rocky ground...the type around the whole of Temple Mount. Not sure which location but assume near to Zion Gate and then walked down to a waiting coach below that...and there are many down by the main road on that side of Temple Mount.

What actually happened at the Herodian Temple:

The figures cloaked in black on either side of the Priest at the altar - the Masonic codes and signals - a 'test' - the reading of the symbols on the shield - the 'levitating' golden cup...and I am now beginning to see that this whole thing was a set-up...rather like a David Blane (?) show (and most probably directed by one of those 'Hollywood' CIA operatives in London, from the 1960s e.g. John Waters - those who had incidentally, fooled the Rockefellers into believing in a 'lizard god' in the first place - all smoke and mirrors - special effects - the whole OZ program)...

Then the massive force that materialised above our heads and the Priest and then Rimington trying to get it under control and failing. The materialised 'force' wanted to murder ALL of them upon the spot and it was all I could do to reason with it - telepathically. Something in retrospect, I would never attempt to do again. It would have been better if they had all died - there and then.

When I used those commands...they were telepathic mind control commands to stop the aorta and blood vessels to Rimington's heart...and to close the Priest's throat...this was done via the 'force' that appeared...after they had made me sit on that 'throne' (and you know the rest - the spike up your anus - electric shock and 'esoteric' experience) and I am thinking the combined telepathic force of quite a few people here...but someone KNEW the codes of those bastards...and had wanted them all dead...and gave me those images/commands telepathically which I then imposed into the minds of those two...and it worked. One can see just how dire the mind control programming of both Rimington and Scarlett had be able to implant such a 'thought' as in 'mind control command' into their minds and then to make their bodies actually 'do' it but those familiar with mind control programming know that this is easily possible by the spoken word but by telepathy?

Anyway, after the Priest and Rimington had collapsed upon the floor, everyone was made to disrobe and then this 'wind' or 'force' followed us out of the underground Temple - it rushed past us...and exited via the rock doorway in the side of the Mount...rather like what had happened at the Templar
Castle...when President Putin smashed the Templars' ORB...we had to let it out of the Castle...and did so...the strange white force that lit up the sky over the burning Castle...that the British Army was to register as a possible chemical explosion that had occurred within it and wanted to know what exactly had been kept in that Castle...and I kept quiet about it at the time - figuring that they would never believe me - pearls before swine.

In addition, what Mark (a 'dissident' Rockefeller) had told me about the 'rock' in the Dome of the Rock sucking up the soul energy from those of us programmed there...CANNOT now be true and on several accounts...firstly that we were not below the Dome of the Rock anymore and so whatever rock was above us...wasn't the rock in the Dome of the fact, what was directly above us...was an evil sculpture of ourselves as 'rock pieces' on a evil Illuminati joke no doubt...we had all been turned into 'rock people'...and guess what I am thinking now...the ROCKEFELLERS. Secondly, that at the Templar Castle near Mons, France 2001...this soul energy was kept prisoner in an ORB - which had some anti-gravity mechanisim but no idea what to make of that...

All I can guess is that someone, somewhere at that point (the guy working the mechanism behind the curtain? The one who made the golden cup elevate by wires and so obviously...) had found a similar ORB and smashed it, to release such powerful energy...and to then watch the fireworks that the Priest tried to take 'it' on in a psychic match and lost...

Or maybe it was an accident...accidents do happen now and any rate...I do not think that this was to do with the properties of the 'rock' above
us at all...although one could say that metaphorically, it was the Rockefeller family, sucking up our energies...

All I can say is that I had a mind-link to this force and subsequently experienced what happened, through myself at the time...

General notes on British Intelligence mind control programming in the tunnels under Jerusalem:

If however, one came from the in under the MI Hotel...or the in the 'crocodile tunnel' from Bathsheba's pool...then one might come a cropper with the 'minotaur'...or rather horrible memories of this 'British Crown jewels' programming en route...I have no idea where the 'gorgon' was supposed to be situated in these underground tunnels...or maybe that was the whole point of 'riding the snake' down Warren's mineshift in the City of David...

I suppose that the graduates would have had to enact out 'failing' to save the chained princess on the rock at some point because Daldry was of the opinion in Prague - that Perseus doesn't manage to save her from being eaten by the sea monster...and one can assume that they also 'failed' to cut the head off the Medusa i.e. Rimington...all part of programming.

Other notes on the programming script used in conjunction with this terrible experience under Temple Mount:

TINTIN: THE BLACK ISLAND - This was the book which must have been used upon all of us on programming in 1980 - in relation to that tiny rock tunnel that leads Tin-Tin into the 'Black Island' Castle - it is virtually identical and Tin-Tin also has to crawl through it - he then meets the ferocious black gorilla (or Tomlinson pretending to be a Minotaur - either way - these stories are all intertwined and mixed up - purposefully)...and I suppose we were always supposed to view our memories of under Temple Mount in a 'Tin-Tin' story sort of way...that was the visualisation and story which was supposed to cover up our memories of the OTO Temple horror underground.

Other notes:

I have been in contact with Israeli Intelligence for some time now...and figure that I have them to thank for so many of these 'clues' - as well as 'scanning my memory banks' to help me on the way to breaking those walls down...retrieving every memory that I could. They must have either known or found out about what the Rockefeller family was up to, under Temple Mount because this wasn't Israeli was Palestinian territory...Moshe Dayan had given the Palestinian Authority control of Temple Mount...and so the Illuminati were in collaboration with the Palestinian authorities who controlled Temple order to conduct these OTO ceremonies underground.

One can see from the 'rock people' chessboard, strategically placed over the Herodian Temple and between Al Aqsa Mosque and the Arabic Museum - that this programming object would have most probably been bought by Rockefeller money - who had funded the whole thing, along with the British Royal Family. It would be interesting to know the date that this 'sculpture' was acquired or donated to the Palestinian authorities in question, on Temple Mount.

Anonymous said...

If anybody would like to join up the dots in relation to Russia joining the OIL CULT in 1949 AND the Book of Daniel Illuminati cult programming at the Temple of Baku – be my guest – just follow the links for the information below and figure it out:

Shamsi Asadullayev

In addition those of you who went through this hideous OIL CULT programming, might need a couple of pictures to jog your memory of the 1949 oil rig – used to create ‘front alters’ and ‘demonic alters’ – available at:

Incidentally, this horrific mind control programming, inspired the REAL author of Harry Potter (not poor old actress Rowling) into creating that ‘hellish prison’, including ‘the dementors’ – based on her experience in Azerbaijan.

Trivia: most of Manningham-Buller's illegal 'wealth' came from sales of this book. She bought her llama collection with it.

Anonymous said...

Eliza Manningham-Buller as a transexual 'womb-hater'- some thoughts that correspond to that one and firstly in relation to MEMES:

Most people on the 1980 course didn't want to rape/abuse
others...nor did the men want to become closet gay/bisexual
paedophiles - who would? Yet they were being enforcibly
'trained' to become them.

A MEME is handed down generationally and culturally...
closet gay/bisexual paedophilia was NOT handed down
generationally and was put in as enforced brainwashing.

Okay, you might have a handful of men on British Intelligence
courses really were closet gay/bisexual paedophiles
but the numbers would have been few. Most of those men were
enforcibly brainwashed to become that.

The idea behind this was to create men who were gay/bisexual
paedophiles - the point here is that they were NOT born that
as the idea of a MEME would suggest.

The ILLuminati were trying to make those men gay/bisexual
paedophiles with the aim of this type of behaviour, entering
the genetic chain but it did NOT do so in my generation. All
you got was a number of men who resisted and either died
in the attempt or got brainwashed out of their minds. Closet
gay/bisexual paedophilia was NOT on their genes or hotwired
into their brains as 'normal behaviour' and I very much doubt
that it is today, in the youth being currently programmed.
It is too 'evil', too much of a 'death wish' for the human organism
to tolerate. It goes against all survival instincts of the species.

One can see that those who wished to make all other men
into closet gay/bisexual paedophiles, were extreme COWARDS...
they wanted everyone to be the same as them so that there
was 'safety' in numbers.

In addition, there is a 'gay' homosocial thread here: that of
gay men wanting to get rid of women altogether - their
rivals - and creating the most sick and evil dream of all:


Richard Tomlinson told me quite extensively about his dream
of an 'ideal all-male society'.

However, his Master was Prince Philip and the Royal Family
so one can say that this particular 'dream' originated in this
sickest of all families.

Whilst I was listening to Mr X (whose identity I would
like to protect)talking about the Royal Family and how
all the men were gay, within it – Randy Andy was the most
gay apparently, which was why they had to marry him off
to a lesbian and use a 'turkey baster' can begin
to see what was going on in that Family.

Mr X stated the following things:

That Prince Philip had such a small dick that it was almost
impossible to fertilise a woman anyway. Hence a 'turkey
baster' had been used on Queen Elizabeth II (and also
those Royals before - had also used it - this was a 'norm' in
Royal procedure, as far as producing heirs was concerned.)

Randy Andy was the most gay and not Prince Edward
(surprisingly)...but it had been covered up by the media...Andy
wasn't jumping on Koo Stark...he was jumping on any
man he could...and Koo Stark is another interesting one,
a very pretty dark-haired woman who then became a
professional any difference between
her and Kate Middleton? I mean how realistic is her affair
with Prince William AND his Malibu Stacey collection? Mr X
told me that this was the main ‘hobby’ of William and
one can assume that these ‘dolls’ were used (as in usual
in Illuminati practice)as some form of ‘voodoo’ upon their
slaves and so these ‘female dolls’ could easily have
represented male slaves as much as female ones.

My guess is that the Royal Family has already found another
'Fergie' closet-lesbian, who is waiting in the wings...a
heterosexual woman would only cause problems and
because of her sexuality...not worth the chance, no
more Lady Dianas...

The more I look at the ILLuminati cult, the more it becomes
so obvious: with a few notable exceptions, the Royal
Family have been a closet bunch of gays and lesbians,
with a serious S/M interest - and since whenever...

Why else would they have devised such an incredibly
sick and hetero-hostile Sat B'hai cult? “You don't feel
that you are a closet gay/lesbian paedophile yet?
Let us torture you a bit more and you might just
change your see, you have to become
like us, if you want to enjoy the 'privileges' that this
country has to have to understand our ways,
suffer our pain...and carry our burden for us...”

When Rimington pointed out to me that early 'public
information' poster of the PREGNANT MAN IN A MATERNITY
take what she was saying seriously at could
anyone but a fanatical crackpot, swimming against the
stream of human nature...want to create 'pregnant men'...
even less create a society full of them...and Rimington
was quite sure that this poster was a deliberate ploy
to test Public reaction to ‘pregnant men’ rather than to
simply inform the country about Birth Control.

But the Illuminati cult did and the Royal Family still do
and I now know that they have already started to create
prototypes within the current UK population.

Perhaps this is why the S/M ILL cult 'heterosexual'
paedophiles like George Bush...began to split with
the Royal Family...upon the above issue...and those
like Mr Y, who was gay and a Rockefeller...therefore,
one could say that Mr Y could be out and gay in society
with relatively no problems because he wasn't a 'Royal'
...and one can see that perhaps these families had had
enough of the whole 'pregnant men' project...

Tomlinson was of the opinion that eventually the ILL
cult would create a society of men who had wombs
to run their ideal 'Lord of the Flies' warrior cult
society...women would have already been eliminated...
they didn't have the technology to actually create female
human eggs from scratch (they had tried but failed)
but could easily clone the large banks of female
eggs at their disposal - therefore, this wasn't a
problem. They now had enough eggs and enough
technology to keep on cloning these eggs, to be then
transplanted to the male womb.

For some reason, the ILLuminati scientists had found that
it was far better for the child to grow in a manufactured
male womb than from a test-tube basis...and they had
managed to genetically engineer men with these wombs
but not vaginas...hence the need for Caesarians.
I suppose the idea of a 'vagina' was too female.

What is worse, is that Tomlinson then admitted that his
own erstwhile son - Orlando Bloom - actually has one
of these wombs - one of the earliest prototypes that was
successful - whether the guy knows it 'consciously' or
not - I am sure that this is true. Tomlinson was matter-of
-fact about it all - only a matter of time before they
would take over. The whole project was already underway.

This flabbergasted me so much that I had to cover up
and so began to chatter about FAMILY Z who had
lived in London, during my childhood...the youngest son
had got rather upset when his mother got pregnant again and had
therefore decided that he was pregnant too BUT
‘John’ was going to have a 'Tom-cat' and not a real
human baby...he used to stuff a cushion up his jumper
and walk around telling everybody that he was pregnant
with a Tom-cat...Tomlinson questioned the family surname
and replied that - yes, they were all ILL and little ‘John’
would have been another prototype of the 'pregnant man' –
within my generation born within the 1960s. Although he
didn't know if the experimentation and psychological
conditioning upon ‘John’, had been successful. From my point
of view, it looked like it had but I still couldn't
take any of what he was saying seriously...

One wonders at the psychology of Prince have a
tiny penis is to have a massive inferiority complex, as far
as most men are concerned...and perhaps a corresponding
anger against those who made you feel that way...particularly
women...because of the expectation that you would be
able to 'perform' heterosexually and produce heirs to the
Throne...a 'duty' and not an 'option'. Then this superiority
complex...women are so inferior to me, that they are now
no longer necessary to the human race, in general...what
did his mother do to him? But one knows what all of the
'mothers of darkness' did to their sons and daughters...
and one can see why such a dark hatred would and
could Daldry, Tomlinson, Marr, Brown, Miliband...
the list goes on...

I can now see why there is a current SAUDI/ROYAL FAMILY
deal going on - surrounding can see that the
Wahabbis could, quite easily, have a similar psychology to
the Royal Family...women are the 'evil beasts of burden' of
this world and we 'sinless men' would be much better off
without them...if only there was a way...we could then 'purify'
ourselves of them...closer to 'god' or rather, the Devil...which
is what they all worship anyway, whatever Public religion,
they pretend to uphold...

I suppose that the clues were all there and from the beginning could say that this is all about 'womb envy' - a term
once bandied about jokingly by feminists in the 70s as a
rejoinder to Freud's idea that all women suffered from 'penis
envy' but it is all now becoming horribly true...

WHY is the UK Royal Illuminati cult so obsessed with the anus?

WHY do they all (men and women) HATE female wombs?

WHY are they fascinated by the 'breast' to the point where
this is the number 1 image of a MALE or FEMALE programmer?

If you really want to understand the warped psychology of the
ILL cult - then I would suggest that you start here - with basic
sexual psychology.

Anonymous said...

Would anybody like to know where ALL of the codes are for the ROYAL GENOME PROJECT?

Try your local hardware store which has an ICI PAINT MACHINE.

You know the ones - where the assistants can mix up virtually ANY colour/shade/tone of paint.

There is a massive swatch of colours that fan out to include every single colour-code for EVERY ILLUMINATI SLAVE.

Check out the ones which begin YR and look up your own age e.g. if you are 44 years old - then you may well have been programmed with YR44 and ORANGE. Not a good sign - these slaves are generally run as 'State terrorists'.

Check out the ones that begin with IV for all of the IVF coding and multiple experimentation upon that score.

Finally check out the GREEN coding for the 'rulers' of this Illuminati cult GENOME Nazi Eugenics project.

The whole paint machine is a metaphor, for this type of experimentation but the CODES are real.

Also check out the RA pink sheets as these contain the coding for all Royal Arch Freemasonry slaves.

Anonymous said...

Natalie Saatchi of Saatchi & Saatchi fame?

Her ISIS pendant symbolised by the ARK OF COVENANT - part of Illuminati slave programming - their 'soul/lifeforce' energy was supposed to be in this sepulchre. Natalie would drape herself over it to personify the two cherubim who guarded this 'treasure' i.e. kept the energy of the slave from him/her and more prosaicly, had control of their mind control commands and microchips.

Natalie's pendant symbolises the two hemispheres of the brain working in tandem i.e. that she has not been mind-split and made into an Illuminati slave. All of the Illuminati slaves that she controlled had been mind-split and were to varying degrees, bipolar.

Anonymous said...

So how do the 10 tribes/IO cult fit in with the 13 BLOODLINE FAMILIES OF THE ILLUMINATI – which so many Internet bloggers/ researchers speak of?

Quite simply – during the last EXODUS from Israel after the fall of the second Temple...nobody really knows where all of these tribes went...only the SEPHARDIM seem to have any real claim to have been authentically Semitic and from the Hebrew line of well as some of the Arab Jewish families living in Arab countries and around the Middle-East in general...not to mention the Ethiopian Jews.

The majority of the tribes spread all over the world and recently and a Rabbinical student of the Sephardim, told me that the descendents of the Mayans were seen as being one of those tribes and that is why so many of them were being converted in South America and then given Israeli citizenship.

Whilst I was in China – I was told me that there was an Israeli/ Jewish debate going on there about the ‘Chinese Jews’ from the silk route and near to the city of Kaifung.

In short, these tribes assimilated into other countries and cultures...took on new names and lost their religion in the process...

The ILLuminati identified the families who had once belonged to these 10 tribes (or thought that they did) and then targeted them for mind control.

So the 10 tribes (of identified families linked to each tribe) were to come under one evil ‘family’...the descendents of MANASSEH. The 11th tribe.

That is why the ILL code their priest/priestess class as being 11. I have already ‘outed’ quite a few of these codes e.g. 3711, 4511 depending upon rank in this ILL it was some surprise to find out that the NHS is now coded as 01-11 but then we if take away the BLIND of esoteric jibber-jabber...and see it all for what it is:

THE ROYAL GENOME PROJECT...then it all becomes clear...the ILL are all about mind control, microchipping, EMF frequencies and hi-tech wizardry...where there is NO place for ‘magic’.

All I saw at the Templar Castle in 2001 was hi-tech wizardry...from the elaborate costumes and ‘David Blane’ stage the ‘invisibility material’ and ‘holograms’ was ALL a hoax.

The only thing that stands out as being ‘supernatural’ is the white cloud that went up into the night sky of all of the ‘soul energy’ released from the Templar ORB but once you know that souls are REAL then it isn’t spooky at all.

Hence ANDREW MARR being linked to the TRIBE OF DAN...many Internet bloggers have stated the connection between the families of MARR and DAN...with DAN being seen as the most evil tribe of the ILL cult...this isn’t actually so...DAN were simply the warrior-class of the Hebrews and not ‘evil’ at all – they were seen as the bravest of the lot...however, these people who had been identified as being descendents of DAN were then made into ‘warrior robots’ under mind control...hence Marr’s obsession with being a VIKING and a BERSERKER under DELTA mind control.

I had queried the Sephardic Rabbincal student upon this very point in Israel and according to him, the tribe of DAN were simply the best fighters and the bravest and most heroic tribe out – no evil meaning attached to them at all, in Judaism.

I questioned him about the image of DAN being a ‘snake’ at the heel of Israel’s enemies...and he didn’t see any negative aspect to that image...just that in the desert...most people fear snakebites the most...and so it was an appropriate way of saying...these people are stealthy and deadly...they could ambush you anywhere, which I assume is what the tribe of DAN used to do, in ancient times.

So I suppose all that is left is to identify those currently see themselves as being descendents of the MANASSEH tribe...

Naturally, those to be questioned upon this are the ROYAL FAMILY, Stella Rimington (she loved the US Mr Mann)...the Saatchis could name names...Eliza Manningham-Buller was definitely one of them...Goldman-Sachs...and so forth.

Anonymous said...

Royal Arch Freemasonry is based upon a hoaxed SNAKE MONUMENT in Petra.

It is currently under ROYAL control and nobody has been allowed to attempt to authenticate it.

The RA cult teaches its 'camels' i.e. mind control smugglers, that this was the true religion of the Egyptian Moses.

A complete and utter lie. Various intelligence agencies have tested material from the area (including carbon-testing) and found the entire MONUMENT and story about the altar and hidden tunnel to be entirely a forgery and fake. The Illuminati cult depends upon their mind control slaves, believing that the hoax is true.

Anonymous said...

In relation to an anonymous comment above, Israeli Intelligence has privately never accepted the lie that the Saatchi family are Jewish. They are not. Yet the money came in useful and they had to play a tight game with these Satanic 'sponsors' of the Israeli State.

It is now known by most intelligence and particularly British Intelligence that the Nazi Saatchi family arrived in Britain on false Jewish ID. Their family have been Satanists for generations.

The Saatchis see themselves as having descended from the tribe of Mannasseh.

Orthodox Jewry tells a different tale - that this tribe 'died out' but did they? Or were they simply thrown out for their Satanic practices? Like King Mannasseh who introduced pagan religions like the Moloch cult into the Jewish Temple.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody seen paedophile Saatchi's private collection on the Internet yet? He has the most seedy and Satanic portraits of his daughter Natalie - done in oils to make them look 'classier' but they are basically graphic design of this young woman in various states of undress and in demonic poses.

Such is the REAL taste in art of this hideous family and you trust them to run art galleries?

You trust them out on the street?

Surely they should all by now, be in lock-up hospitals and on rehabilitation courses for their various psychological disorders.

Anonymous said...

Would you like to know where Natalie works part-time?

Scan the MI6 building from the river view (with your binoculars)and focus upon the middle of the building…those central offices and you might just spot fat, ugly Natalie (she looks even worse in the flesh).

Guess who she works for? Richard Tomlinson.

Guess what he does? He is currently running a radio network for microchipped slaves. He is surrounded by ugly, dull women like Natalie. A real circus of 'invisible' fleas.

Guess what Natalie does?

She spends most of her time – hissing down the network at slaves who have annoyed her. I shall not repeat what she hisses because it is quite frankly, some of the most ignorant, evil and cruel slurs upon these people imaginable but this sort of work ‘entertains those of Natalie’s intellectual calibre.

Those who have these messages radioed out to them – hear them subliminally – they enact upon the subconscious mind.

Black Rabbit said...

So what does the brain-dead, alcoholic, bulimic, cokehead Natalie tend to hiss down the network then?

One would have thought that those who live in glass houses and all that - but there is always the alternative view:

Those who live in MI6 glass-houses should keep up a barrage of stones against everyone else, in order to attempt to scare them away.

Anonymous said...

An ex-Illuminati mind control slave and female friend of mine was subjected to Tomlinson's slurs upon this network and I would like to offer a variety of the 'statements' that he sent her once he had realised that she was deprogramming from the Illuminati cult (programming commands included):

"You silly little bitch, silly little bitch, silly little bunny-rabbit...the druids will sacrifice is all hopeless...nothing you can do...silly little MONSTROUS rabbit...back off Boogaloo..."

This is what Tomlinson's 'work' in at MI6 currently involves and for most of his working day i.e.harrassing mind control slaves over the MI6 network by radioed, programmed commands using BT control towers and other BI masts.

Black Rabbit said...

AND this is the guy who wants to become one of the world leaders of the NWO?

Laughable, eh?

Anonymous said...

It gets better - when this woman confronted Tomlinson with his behaviour and asked the most basic question:


He replied:

"Because I am a Satanist".

So that explains it all, does it?

Anonymous said...

I thought that Tomlinson was supposed to be bright, unlike the Natalies of this world. He had a high IQ and had studied aeronautics.

I suppose that one could say that Illuminati programming had 'emotionally stunted' him then because the mental age of that remark put him at about 4 years old.

Black Rabbit said...

That is the BIG point about all of them. They are all in abused child alters and for most of the time.

You aren't going to get much 'sense' or 'reason' out of someone like Tomlinson.

Rimington was a case to be reckoned with - she programmed somebody with:

"Every time you eat chicken, I want you to leave bits of it in your teeth so that your breath smells rotten."

Puerility or Senility?

Take your pick.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The continuing account of an ex-Illuminati mind control slave's on-going battle with Richard Tomlinson. I might add that this woman was part of at top-secret PSI/remote-viewer project and is an AI telepath.


(and the story behind the crack in the glass in the middle of the MI6 building.)

The Satanic brain-dead couple didn't let up for some reason and so it was time to tighten the screws...

I was furious and contacted Mr X to ask if I could have my revenge...and they obliged...I said ‘can you make Natalie walk out of the glass window?’ in defenestrate her...(by control of their microchips).

Mr X thought about it and this was interesting ...he knew the weakest point in the glass...and got Tomlinson to crash into it (it is in the corridor between offices and one can see them walking along this ‘glass corridor’ at the front of the building)...he cracked the glass and then Mr X got Natalie to start bashing her head against it...whilst Tomlinson began to walk around like a headless chicken...but acting like a duck in fact...flapping his ‘wings’ and saying ‘quack quack QUACK’ the alarm and consternation of other MI6 members who passed them upon this corridor...but naturally they didn’t intervene...far too scared to do so...even though blood was running down Natalie’s forehead by this is amazing just how brain-dead this woman is because after the control command was pulled...she then started to act like ‘normal’ again...if one could ever call her ‘normal’...most people would have been concussed but one also has to say that Natalie only operates on a few neurones most of the time, anyway...

Oddly enough, this didn’t prompt Tomlinson to go back into his office environment and switch off the radio network that has been bothering he needed a little more ‘encouragement’.

To the amazement and laughter of his colleagues within this office...he then began to ‘quack QUACK QUACK QUACK quack QUACK’ again...doing the same mad chicken movements...and then proceeded to unzip his trousers, pull them and his underpants down...and bent over to lay an ‘egg’...his colleagues tried hard not to look which was hard...because he was in the middle of the room at the time...

The best is yet to this time, Tomlinson (after a few more QUACK QUACK QUACK prompts and further threats i.e. when is your next will get up on the boardroom table and ‘lay an egg’ there but this time you will then ‘eat’ your own ‘eggs’)...had decided it politic to turn off the radio network...but not before Natalie had then contacted Rimington at another base to continue harassing me...Tomlinson nearly lynched the psychotic bitch for doing so...and then the best bit...the film had been copied from MI6 CCTV and then appeared as a file upon EVERY SINGLE computer in MI6...who all duly opened it...and now Tomlinson is dealing with the ribald laughter of his well as a very angry telephone call from JOHN SCARLETT.

My team thanked me for this...but in fact all the praise is entirely due to Mr X and a certain Mr Rothschild, whom I have to say, very much enjoyed the whole ‘activity’.

If anybody was in any doubt, at MI6 whether or not, they are all under mind control and microchipped...I am sure that this little video clip of ‘TOMLINSON LAYING AN EGG’ will put their minds at ease. Feel free to distribute it outside of MI6.

Can you believe it? After going nutty for a bit...Tomlinson then decided to re-open the network and to call me a ‘filthy little kitten’.


This is called ‘tough LOVE’.

You will learn by ‘experience’ NOT to call people names.

What is the moral to all of this?

Something like ‘people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’...or ‘eggs’ for that matter.

It is ‘rough justice’ - that Tomlinson be made to eat his own ‘eggs’ in Public, at some point.

Natalie had better watch out now – because other windows in other buildings might not be that strong...and it would be nice for her to ‘break out’ of her glasshouse, wouldn’t it?

She might NOT actually survive it but...considering it was part of her programming (as it was, every mind control slave put through MI6 mind control programming in that ‘glass building’) – it might just save her soul – IF she did survive, after she hit the ground. As a paraplegic, her thoughts might have returned to ‘repentance’.

Anyway, Natalie will NOT be able to go higher than the first floor in a building without thinking: ‘what if the windows are breakable’...because her ‘chip has been pulled’ on that score...and she will try to throw herself out. You don’t want to be around Natalie too much – she might pull you out, with her.

You will also, learn by ‘experience’ - Natalie. Just like Tomlinson.

Natalie has just called me a ‘filthy bitch’ and so has just earned her first punishment. You WILL learn, Natalie.

Natalie didn’t lay an ‘egg’ exactly – her bowels just opened.

Unlike Tomlinson, her female colleagues rushed around her as she made a ‘dive’ for centre stage, screaming ,with diarhorea streaming down her thin-mesh tights i.e. the centre of the office – so characteristic of her – but she had no idea of the ‘ultra-secret CCTV’ of this episode.

In short, she just thought that her father had paid to have a job for her there – and ANY CCTV would be immediately doctored to lose any evidence of her presence, even in those quarters.

WELL, NOW YOU know, Natalie – no losing of tapes, and NO editing of them.

That is how controllable these mind control slaves are. In the office. Her colleagues are still trying not to ‘see’ what is happening.

But then NATALIE SAATCHI was so full of shit anyway and we just ‘unbunged’ her.

It is somehow right that Tomlinson – after so many years of terrorising women and eating their human eggs and menstrual fluid...should be made to ‘eat his own eggs’ and in Public.

He is still calling me a ‘filthy kitten’ – AND I ANSWER:

“It is all right, Honey, we are very patient and we are going to have a lot of fun, teaching you how to behave.”

He is such a glutton for punishment, isn’t he?

I then 'heard' that NAZI CLOWN Charles Saatchi was on the network.

Yes, his daughter had rung him and he had driven in to MI6 - just to hurl abuse down the network – you cowardly little PIG – why not just ring me up instead of all of this cloak and dagger shit? Even better why not ring Mr X or Mr Rothschild up? I am sure they would love a ‘dialogue’ with you – just as much as I would relish it. So get out of the shadows, you sinister little RAT and take it like a man.

Black Rabbit said...

Yes, I heard about it - the Mossad cracked up over that one after seeing the video file - they have 'shared' it with Chinese Intelligence.

Perhaps it may even make late-night Japanese TV?

Black Rabbit said...

I can also add that the Mossad now have a complete list of the so-called members of the MANASSEH TRIBE - hoops of joy, all round.

Black Rabbit said...

‘TOMMY, TOMMY, TOMMY, lay a little egg for me, I haven't had one since breakfast and now it's half-past three - OY!’

Black Rabbit said...

I also heard that the video file went around MI5 like lightning - CC'd EVERYWHERE.

Anonymous said...

I don't suppose the Japanese TV company will be naming names, will they? Perhaps an 'anonymous' sort of show with:

“We microchipped these two people, videoed them going into work and then pulled their chips – guess what happened?”

So CHARLES SAATCHI – would you like to LAY A LITTLE EGG FOR ME? That BALL you were planning on going to...maybe it would be even funnier in a BALLROOM than a BOARDROOM...let us ponder that one, deeply.

Maybe Prime Minster Putin would like to take the final vote?

Anonymous said...

More from Tomlinson's ex-Illuminati mind control slave:

The ‘little black box’ as in the type that aircraft have, which records EVERYTHING...and the MI6 ‘black box’ contains their entire history.

For those interesting in ‘having a go’...a few was on C:\\hxc...

The ‘titles’ of the file folders had been given various Aztec names but I cannot remember them now...something like TEXACHLOCHAN...TAXALTHAN...
something like that...they are naturally included in the file address.

Anyway, in one of these AZTEC files there is the ‘PINK BOX’ and that is a KLEENEXE file...and KLEENEZE contains the following information...I know it sounds like a joke but these people are sick and weird...

I got this guy to go through the it up...I then started to scan...and found what Mr X was looking for...the files regarding the DNA experimentation.

AKENFELD a German – one of the ‘brains’ behind the Nazi cause...the Germans had found some alien material left behind the tail of a comet (unspecified) and had analysed it...found a ‘live beetle’ that they thought was from another planet and apparently it was an ‘intelligent lifeform’...i.e. an intelligence to match humans...this was what was on the files...however unbelievable - as I went through quickly...they then decided to use this alien insect DNA in terms of creating hybrids of human being/beetles to see what would transpire...and a massive experiment was set up through the RA cult...because the idea appealed to those who wanted ROYAL HIVES...I have no idea what ‘beetles’ do in terms of communal living but they are not like bees or ants...

I went through the files regarding 1980 etc and found that my team then were a ‘control group’ i.e. we had not been infected with this ‘insect DNA’ and were the best at telepathy/remote-viewing.

The same is true for the MI5 team that I asked for, in order to investigate this.

It sounds insane – who in their right mind would want to experiment with BEETLES – either alien or from this planet (because even if they did find it in meteorite rock – it might have crawled in there) to create hybrids with human beings.

However, I did have the weirdest experience once I had found the BEETLE file...because I ‘saw’ an ‘alien lifeform’...I saw the cosmos...where it was from...and I saw the ‘eggs’ that had been taken from was in female form...and I did what I could to mentally destroy the image...destroy that ‘beetle’ and its eggs...telepathically...but was aware that it had been used to create hybrids...and appeared to be still alive somewhere...

What is worse is that I couldn't 'see' anything behind this beetle image to see if it was cloaking anything else...all I could see was the damn beetle...but it DID have the voice of CHARLES SAATCHI and 'it' kept on saying 'I've been found out, they've found me out'...over and over appeared terrified.

So had Charles Saatchi been injected with a massive dose of this mutant 'alien' DNA? Was he KING BEETLE?

Now, when I first read Mr Icke’s book about ‘space lizards’...I laughed and I now have the same reaction to what I have just could it be possible?

My mind has been pulling up ALL of the BEETLE references that it could and I began to realise that human beings had suspected something of this nature in High as well as Popular culture and for the past century, beginning with –



David Lynch’s film BLUE VELVET which begins with these black cockroaches attacking, mutilating and murdering each other in darkness at the roots of the GREEN lawn of a perfect suburban garden.


Science Fiction has had a field day with ‘insectoid’ alien images...

I thought about how I had ‘seen’ JOHN MORTIMER in my mind’s eye as some grotesque black beetle...waving his antennae at me...

I thought about the insane behaviour of ANDREW MARR at the Templar Castle likr some mad insect...

and how the others appeared to be behaving like mad warrior ants in an anthill...typical ‘ant’ behaviour...murdering foreign ‘ants’ and their own...this terrible ‘culture’ of warrior ants...

Could it be true that AKENFELD had started this type of demonic Nazi experiment in ‘HUMAN HIVES’ with BEETLES but someone else had continued with other ‘insect DNA’?

One could also say that they can’t help it.

Why not? Because they are contaminated with ‘insect’ DNA which has infected every cell of their body and it is not possible to ‘remove’ it.

That is why Rimington called MI5 – THE HIVE.

That is why these people were allowed – for ‘relaxation purposes’ their hideous rites – whereupon they could give full rein to their ‘insectoid compulsions’.

All of the demonology and claptrap surrounding it – was just a blind to this.

Those people were simply allowed free rein to indulge in ‘insect behaviour’.

This is a NAZI experiment in the control of Western countries as HIVES and to run a HIVE one needs to create an ‘inspectorate’ of insects to run it.

Insane, definitely...or somebody who hated these countries and people, beyond words...but that is what the MI6 ‘PINK BOX’ files were saying.

So can one blame any of them for their dire predicament? Obviously not but I do not regret ‘outing’ them for it.

The most important point is to stop these ‘insect rites’ – not to encourage or allow them such behaviour again.

Anonymous said...

More notes from Tomlinsons' ex-Illuminati slave:

Having read about GEORGE BUSH who now fancies himself as a ‘SPACE LIZARD’ who put that idea into his head? (Mark Phillips/Cathy O’ Brien)

This could go several ways:

Either an Illuminati scientist really did ‘doctor’ the DNA of George Bush’s generation, with what they termed ‘space lizard’ DNA from the tail of a comet (this is where it is all supposed to have started - meteorite rock containing 'alien insects' which had the equivalent of human intelligence)...hence those like Rimington who sincerely believe that they are from this hybridic race...

OR - that they were simply doctored with ‘ordinary lizard’ see what might happen...and the children of this experiment survived it, to then go on to develop ‘lizard’ patterns of behaviour...

OR - that it is all about mind control...and if they believe might as well be true...because they will start to act like that as a consequence...

I really need to find some DAVID ATTENBOROUGH videotape upon ‘beetle behaviour’ and watch it, if I can bear it...which might provide further clues...

All one can say is that those files now need to be thoroughly examined and gone through with a fine toothcomb.

The computer that I found this information upon is in Tomlinson’s office (no idea if these files are networked or not) as you walk in the the centre of the office...and then look left and there is a work station there...a computer at the end of the desk and chair in front of it...

I have already stated the rough location in MI6 – as to where this office is and if you come across the ‘cracked glass’ where Tomlinson ran into the weakest point of the structure of this ‘glass house’ then you will know that you are on the correct ‘walkway’ so continue into the office directly - going right – in terms of looking at the building head-on, because this walkway across the front of the building, leads to its door.

Black Rabbit said...

So now we know what the PINK and the BLACK BOX were all about but what about the others?

The ORANGE and the BROWN box for example.

Do these files contain the codes for the microchips that control governmental Illuminati slaves - microchipped as 'human bombs' behind their bellybuttons?

What about the CREAM and BURGUNDY boxes - do they contain the codes to control the MASONS?

Anonymous said...

Here's a joke:

Who was the fifth BEATLE?



Anonymous said...

Connect the dots:

1. Templar Castle 2001 which results in extreme humiliation and disgrace X1000 for every member of the ROYAL FAMILY apart from Prince Harry.


2. 9/11

Why do internet conspiracy theorists continue to blame George Bush and his MOLOCH DRUIDS up at Bohemian Grove?

Talk about giving a dog a bad name (for very good reasons) and then hanging him.

Black Rabbit said...

It was an act of insane Royal REVENGE to the nth degree.

They also thought that they had got away with it. The Royals and the Saatchis but they hadn't.

The Pentagon is now in receipt of ALL of the necessary information.

Anonymous said...

I see - so we have the 'frequencies' taken over by US Intelligence now to produce that WIMBLEDON MEN'S SINGLES FINAL SCOREBOARD:



Are you saying that US Intelligence has decided to 'out' the Royal Family, the Saatchis and MI6 for this outrage?

Anonymous said...

More than that, the international community has decided that action has now got to be taken against the UK.

There were other contributory factors:

The murder of Lady Diana.

The Asian Tsunami.


ALL planned and executed by MI6 and on Royal command.

MI6 has refused to put their house into order. They prefer to obey orders unquestioningly.

When faced with a choice i.e. if you follow the orders of the Royal Family again unquestioningly then X, Y and Z will happen and you will have to take the consequences - such a dilemma sends them all into a flat spin. The culture of MI6 is such that cannot cope, when faced with such a choice.

Anonymous said...

'JUST PUNISHMENT' has been planned ;-)

Anonymous said...

Remember the joke scenario of Andrew Marr in his perspex box, reporting on the Labour Conference as 9/11 began upon the screen behind him and as the news editor of the BBC - he ignored it - hilarious for 'some' but not for others.

I am going to be watching the TV closely over the coming weeks. Who knows what might happen?

Anonymous said...

They are all microchipped and can be used as 'human candles'. Spontaneous human combustion.

Remember the old Shin Beit trick? 'Localised atomic explosions.'

A 'little bird' tells me that the nexus of the RA cult - the Royal Academy may soon go up in smoke.

Either that or St Pauls - tell me, what would be the 'equivalent' in the heart of London? What would have the same 'dramatic' effect?

Anonymous said...

How about the ROYAL OBSERVATORY upon GREENWICH HILL? There is a large military base underneath it - accessible by a trapdoor within the Observatory or the Queen Anne's colonaded house next door to Queen Anne's garden.

People have been abducted, tortured and murdered down there for many decades now and upon Prince Philip's orders. Not to mention the child sacrifice that goes on down there. It is however primarily a military base and as such is mainly used as an arsenal - even a couple of nuclear torpedoes in storage down there.

Anonymous said...

What about a medley of Buckingham Palace, The Royal Academy AND St Paul's?

Anonymous said...

Why not add MI6 to that list and begin the spectacle during Marr's TV AM programme? He probably wouldn't even notice what was going on behind him.

All together or sequentially?

You also have to consider how many 'Roman Candles' you want to set off in each building, as to how quickly you can burn it to the ground.

Anonymous said...

If anyone would like to query MI6 about their current INSANITY STATUS – please feel free to write to Dr Joanne Collie (her pseudonym is Helen Casewell at Towergate Partnership).

Funny how Casewell’s name isn’t on the website list of employees – even though the company secretary gets a mention :-)

If you ever receive an email from this particular pseudonym (and you are an Illuminati mind control slave) – it means ‘jump off the bridge of your rabbit pons’ and literally commit suicide e.g. jump off Tower Bridge. Why not write to Helen and ask her about it all?

Helen Caswell

Also remember this isn’t ‘any old company’ but a very special one – if they do write back to you – expect this encoding at the end of the email:

This email is from Towergate Partnership Limited or one of its Subsidiary Companies. Its contents are confidential to the intended recipient(s) at the email address(es) to which it has been addressed. It may not be disclosed to or used by anyone other than the addressee(s), nor may it be copied in anyway. If received in error, please contact the sender, then delete it from your system. Although this email and attachments are believed to be free of virus, or any other defect which might affect any computer or IT system into which they are received and opened, it is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure that they are virus free and no responsibility is accepted by Towergate for any loss or damage arising in any way from receipt or use thereof. The following companies are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority: Towergate Underwriting Group Ltd, Towergate London Market Ltd, Folgate Insurance Company Ltd, Fusion Insurance Services Ltd and GHBC Limited.

Anonymous said...

Anybody want to know PRINCE HARRY'S programming numbers? I bet he does - they set him free:


ISBN: 978-0-7496-7132
9 780749 671327

Harry was the only member of the ROYAL FAMIY to REFUSE to attend the Templar Castle rites in 2001 and don't they just hate him for it?

Here is the '13th one' programming - designed to stop anyone learning about Bill 'O' and the 'hxc' files in the PINK box, within the BLACK box (which incidentally, the Masons hacked into and have now set themselves the task of analysing).

ISBN: 0-09-941744-8
9 780099 417446

What can one say but:


Here is Richard Tomlinson's numerical codes for his 'DEVIL ALTER':


ISBN: 0-140-56991-X


1 3 5 7 9 10 8 6 4 2


For Sam, forever young

Who is SAM in the ILL cult? Richard Tomlinson. Satan/the devil. He was made to act all parts requiring the ‘image’ of the demonic e.g. BAAL for the gathered assembly at the Templar Castle. Daldry was ‘directing’ the dramas as they unfolded. Tomlinson in this crazed child alter, really did believe that he was the 'devil'.

This one is for Rimington and all other 'space lizard' abortionists:


ISBN: 0-7475-4765-3


1 3 5 7 9 10 8 6 4 2

Note the PINK BOX in this story...MARTHA is is given a PINK BOX which is OPEN and a LIZARD ALTER is now hatching...why?

In a nutshell, this is what happened to Rimington after her programming began to unravel and she began to go 'mad' because of the ‘voices’ and the fact that she found ANY electrical appliance too disturbing to put on...i.e. even to vacuum...and so she went back to the MI6 ZOO whereupon the PETSHOP OWNER said to her :

‘You cannot give back your suicide programming AND get a refund (i.e. sue us through the courts) but we will exchange your programming for something else – chose between these coloured EGGS’.

AND she chose lizard programming by picking the GREEN EGG with GREEN and PURPLE splodges upon it. I do not suppose that anybody told her what those coloured eggs really meant and she was forced to take ‘pot luck’ on that one.

She had decided to brave it out and to touch the GREEN. The PURPLE represented ROYALTY and all ILL slaves are forbidden to touch both colours and therefore the harsh penalty imposed was SPACE LIZARD PROGRAMMING.

If one looks at this GREEN EGG one can immediately see a PURPLE PENIS AND BALLS as the central ‘design’ upon this egg. Tantamount to touching the ROYAL GENITALIA one supposes and a direct insult to Prince Philip OR Mr Green...OR Mr Saatchi...whoever.

So Rimington took a chance on MI6 in the hope that they would 'cure' her mental 'disorder' and they gave her far worse programming than before. That of a 'lizard programmer' who believed that it was a 'lizard' that ate human eggs and foetuses.

Anonymous said...

So, have the French managed to 'extract' Bill Obenauer from the US yet, for questioning - regarding Templar Castle 2001?

Anonymous said...

An on-going battle.

Anonymous said...

What about the CPS of the Illuminati cult?

The Victorian 'copper piping' as they are affectionately called by Royalty. How long do we have to bear clowns like 'Pickles' and Mrs Blair before they are ripped out of this antiquated system and some new hygenic 'piping' is put in?

Additionally, what about the PINK as in LILY THE PINK?

Something similar to a pink dye that is used to extract sodium crystals and to affect the electrolytes of the body. This is the crucial ingredient in the separation of the 'soul' from the body (or the 'I'if you prefer, which can live outside of the body - think NDE/OBEs and remote-viewing, to understand this concept).

The SAATCHIS jused this to 'soul-trap'thereby creating 'zombie' mind control slaves.

Black Rabbit said...

The programming code for the PINK is:


Anonymous said...

Hasn't Tomlinson dealt with PETRONELLA and the Haut de la Garenne programming objects yet?

He has been accorded that responsibility. Let us hope that he makes GOOD. She needs to be removed immediately but unharmed (and the entire flat searched for the usual incriminating evidence - drugs, bomb materials etc). She will be needed for a testimonial at some point.

Anonymous said...

Remember the code for the Jesuits of the ILLuminati cult? PP.

The PP are controlled by Prince Philip by the numbers below.

So if you are a CATHOLIC and do NOT want to attend another Illuminati CULT DAY (see title below) then read the ISBN programming numbers very carefully indeed:


Publisher: Scholastic; New Ed edition (15 Mar 1996)
Language English
ISBN-10: 0590134353
ISBN-13: 978-0590134354

This book is all about how Catholics are made into what the Illuminati call 'unicyclists' i.e. only operating on their instinctual side of the brain - where the biddable child alters exist. They will have no memories of the abuse that they witnessed or were made to commit at this Illuminati rites (unless their programming has begun to unravel).

The red postbox on the front symbolises the 10 tribes (NUMBER 10).

Anonymous said...

There was a TIME LAPSE between 'TOMMY LAY A LITTLE EGG FOR ME' and the current state of play between US intelligence and occultic MI6.

The 'crack in the glass' appeared some years ago.

Want to know what the ORANGE and BROWN box contains? Information on how to PULL and also how to HALF-PULL an Iluminati slave's microchip.

Richard Tomlinson's microchip has now been half-pulled i.e. he is not dead yet.

He is suffering from the most excruciating back pain possible and only the strongest pain killers can dull it. However, doctors tend to stop patients taking these after a while because they destroy the liver and kidneys. In brief, they do not want to get sued for 'assisted suicide' which is what it amounts to if a mind control slave with his/her chip half-pulled, continues with these drugs.

THAT is the threat now facing ALL of the ILLuminati in the UK.

No, we won't kill you but we will half-pull ALL of your chips. Think we won't? Wait and see.

You have no idea of the fury at the Pentagon after the discovery that the British Illuminati were behind 9-11.

Anonymous said...

DR JOANNE COLLIE (not a real doctor, just a sordid little linguist Phd) from MI6 has been persecuting the woman who managed to escape mind control slavery out of the sadistic hands of her controllers at MI6.

She uses the name HELEN CASEWELL/CASWELL and operates out of

She has just hit this woman's email box with a false reply to a job application that this woman never sent. It contains a file of the woman's supposed CV but the very alpha-numerical file code is a death/suicide threat and would be effective upon someone still under mind control:

SKMBT_C25308071412120.pdf (178KB)

I have no words, these people are just sheer FILTH.

Black Rabbit said...


ISBN: 0 7460 6138 2

9 780746 061381



I am now rather suspicious of these so-called ‘internet links’ within this book...the first page tells you that you can go to Usborne Quicklinks at and enter the keywords “world cookbook”. There you will find links to all of the sites described in this book and copies of recipes that you can print out and keep.

This reminds me of the paper on the ‘office door’ at the Templar Castle where mind control slaves who programmed others, were encouraged to think up their favourite food/recipes which could be used to evil effect in terms of ‘punning’ during programming. One imagines that this book is the result of that ‘research’. Programmers who wish to harm their slaves – can just print off a recipe to give to a slave...or simply to remind themselves with, during programming a victim of the ILL cult.

I shall note them all quickly – from the CONTENTS PAGE...there is a code on this page:

(v) suitable for vegetarians *contains nuts

4. Hints and tips

The United States of America

6. New York cheesecake (v)

8. Chocolate brownies (v)*


11. Canadian pancakes (v)

Latin America

12. Tacos

14. Guacamole (v), tomato salsa (v) and refried beans (v)

16 Fruits around the world

The Caribbean

18 Mango Fool (v)

20 Banana bread (v)*


22 Bototie *

24 Peanut bread (v)*

26 Vegetables around the world


28 French apple tart (v)*

30 Salade nicoise


32 Paella

34 Fish and seafood


37 Spaghetti Bolognese

38 Pizza

40 Mediterranean ingredients


42 Scones (v)


44 Irish stew


46 Cauliflower in cheese sauce(v)


48 Lebkuchen (v)


50 Sachertorte (v)


52 Museli (v)*

53 Raclette (v)

54 Cheeses from around the world


56 Goulash


58 Red fruit pudding (v)


60 Jansson’s temptation


62 Smorrebrod


64 Beef stroganoff

66 Breads from around the world


68 Moussaka


70 Shish kebabs

The Middle East

72 Tabbouleh (v)

74 Hummus (v)*

75 Halva (v)*

Cakes and pastries


79 Bhuna gosht

80 Dhal (v) and cucumber raita (v)


82 Chicken in coconut sauce



86 Fried rice with vegetables (v)

88 Sweet and sour spare ribs


90 Vegetable casserole (v)


92 Lamingtons (v)

94 Internet links

95 Acknowledgements

96 Index

Anyway, the ‘birds’ tell me that Eliza Manningham-Buller put her heart and soul in getting this book is ‘her baby’.

I wish that I could reproduce each little ‘iconic’ image of the food that appears before the name. Each image gives you a BIG CLUE as to the programming command.

There are several codes in operation here...obviously the first letter code which is a CC to somewhere...

Additionally we have the torture Vs...and how many is allocated to a particular country – if at all. Then we have the demonic * of Venus, also allocated to various countries/regions.

Anonymous said...

So this little lot constitutes the main MI5 PAS 'food' mind control code references, does it?

Black Rabbit said...

More than that - the whole updated Illuminati structure. Look at the number coded map of Europe at the front of the book.

Anonymous said...

I had a look at that book the other day and it is interesting to note which countries an Illuminati slave isn’t tortured/programmed in:


Why are these countries exempt from the (v)?

I remember that we were all tortured in Ireland at Manningham-Buller’s hotel...but where was that again...Northern Ireland or southern? Tinakilly...and we were certainly tortured in the USSR in 1980.

So this is the new MI5 mind control PAS system?

Where is the demonic * star of Venus present?

USA/CARIBBEAN/AFRICA/FRANCE/SWITZERLAND/THE MIDDLE EAST – so these countries are where the ‘BIG 6’ of the ILL cult are...

Where does MOST (v) Illuminati torture go on?

3 (v) for both LATIN AMERICA and THE MIDDLE EAST – it figures...closely followed by the USA/AFRICA/SWITZERLAND/INDIA with 2(v)...less obvious.

Let me look at the bunched initial codes:


If one could break this entire would have the geographical locations of all of these AL is linked to Australia...and so on...didn’t ALEX ALLAN..the one who recently got ‘hammered’ by somebody...the wind-surfing head of SIS...didn’t he get recalled from Australia?

I have just looked inside of the cover to see that entire map of the ILL world!

However, we only have a NUMBERED system for Europe...and guess who is TOP OF THE ILL CULT at number 14?


10 is Austria – so the 10 tribes were controlled from this old Nazi hideout.

11. is Hungary – so this is where the top of the MANASSEH tribe hang out.

13. is Italy – so these people were in control of the ‘son of G-d’ 13th one game or responsible from those of the tribe of REUVEN/ control of the RAVENS.

12. is Spain - and so the Semitic tribe of GAD.

What about 1-9 then?










Initials code: N S I E D H G F S A H S I G

It looks like a rough anagram of Auf Wiedersehn – ‘GOODBYE’ - but goodbye to what?

Anonymous said...


Spare a thought for 'Emily'. She was programmed as Tomlinson's mind control slave, who was then ordered to attempt a reconciliation between US Intelligence and MI6 after the Royal Family had crashed those planes into the Twin Towers - in relation to Gordon Brown and the OILY DIESEL (roughly translated as IO ten tribes 'lys' and Israel for those who get this idiotic coding.)

How would one effect that?

So far, she hasn't been told to say:

‘The Royal Family and their Templars say that they are VERY VERY sorry for committing 9-11 and promise not to do it again.’

ISBN: 978-1-4052-3865-6

Programming numbers: 1 3 5 7 9 10 8 6 4 2


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I suppose that it must be quite hard, even for the most hardened anarchist, Socialist Worker Party member to accept the Royal Family's reasons for ordering British Intelligence to do that.

On one hand you could say 'nexus of evil' The World Trade Center..etc...etc but on the other hand, those people got blown up because US and Israeli Intelligence managed to tape their obscene and insane Templar rites at the Templar Castle near Mons in 2001.

The MOTIVE is the point here and what a motive...

Anonymous said...

Insane revenge and now the Royal Family has put the entire country into severe jeopardy.

Anonymous said...

This is a general PUBLIC WARNING and should be taken seriously by anyone who thinks that they have been targeted by the ILLuminati cult.

From an ILLuminati point of view:

What is the quickest and easiest way to get your victim arrested?

Destroy something that they care about – in front of them.

Something of their personal property i.e. damage their car/plants - the list is extensive, really...take the doll or cuddly toy off their child and then joke about how you thought that the child was choking on it. Look, the child burst into tears – howling his/her head off and the victim becomes very angry.

Illuminati MI5 mind control slaves (and from anywhere else really) sit around in ‘teams’ to think up the easiest way to infuriate the victim.

When the victim angrily confronts you with the ‘damage’:

Hit them as hard as you can on both shoulders and throw them back. Then grab hold both of their wrists so that they cannot move and begin to shout in their face.

This sort of behaviour is guaranteed to make even the most non-violent person ‘violent’ in terms of not only trying to break free but also the desire to hit back after one has been violently hit oneself and then restrained from moving.

The victim will then most probably, hit you back and that is what you are banking on.

You then call the Police with a charge of ‘common assault’.

You then state that the other person was violently angry and in your space. Therefore the only reason that you touched them was to give you back your space. You call this violent act‘touching the other person’s shoulder’. You do not even call it ‘pushing’.

Ill mind control slaves have been well-trained in the art of framing people and it is MI5 who has trained most of them.

How does one cope with this in a realistic way in Public?

As George Millar (WWII SOE hero) once stated, learn their tricks and use them back upon them i.e. if one of the ILL hits both of your shoulders as hard as they can – do the same thing back to them and then grab their wrists because they are the violent one, who has then to be restrained.

This deprives the ILL aggressor of ANY grounds for ‘common assault’. It literally take the ground from beneath them.

Anonymous said...

Another way to disable an ILL aggressor is to grip both sides of their shoulders as hard as you can.

This is what a programmer will do to a slave that they think has gone out of their control.

However because they are ALL under mind control - the same can be applied back to them.

This action releases memories of HOT AND COLD TORTURE and is designed to make the victim feel terrified/overwhelmed and confused.

You can use it back on an Illuminati aggressor to paralsye them before they try to get a grip on you!

Anonymous said...

If you really wanted to 'switch off' an ILL aggressor- hitting their forehead with the palm of your hand can and will stymie them but it will also be construed as 'common assault' and so NOT the way to go, whilst undergoing an attack by such people.

Remember that their primary objective is to accuse you of 'common assault' and so it is best to limit your behaviour to gripping their shoulders, hitting their shoulders hard to push them back and then gripping their wrists to restain movement.

If they then decide to hit you - do NOT hit them back. CALL the Police immediately and get as many witness' statements as possible, beforehand.

Anonymous said...

Quite right because once in the ILL CROWN system - the ILL mind control slaves (and in all related services ), will conspire against you, to have you put away for up to 2 years and that will then mean untold abuse in prison.

Our prisons are brimming with such people, who have been framed and then put away upon trumped up charges.

Anonymous said...

In relation to the CIA - the CPS has now had their knuckles rapped hard TWICE.

It is NOT allowed to arrest or to prosecute any CIA operative, in the UK.

This is the current ruling that has now been enforced in the UK, regarding ALL of their operatives.

It operates in a similar way to 'diplomatic immunity'.

This is basically a VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE by US Intelligence in the state of affairs, concerning the current legal system in the UK i.e. it is now so corrupt, so illegal and even criminal in some cases that it can no longer be trusted to administer any sort of justice.

This sort of ruling is normally only applied to certain countries in South America but now it has also been applied to the UK.

If any CIA operative is ever arrested again - the penalities will be SEVERE.

They have their own rules and code of conduct to follow (bound by US law and not UK) and that does NOT include any sort of obedience, fealty or allegiance to the CROWN, MONARCHY or to the CROWN TEMPLARS and CPS.

In effect, the UK has been reduced in status to that of some illegal military 'junta' quango and given a reduced bill of rights, in terms of its operation by US Intelligence - although one can guess that the French in particular (but also other countries), may easily be preparing something similar, in terms of their own defence against such tyranny and corruption.

One can see that after 9-11, the US were always going to impose such sanctions upon the UK - it was simply a matter of time.

The CROWN had managed to deceive the UK public in relation to new regulations regarding the new laws requiring stringent searches/limitation of baggage of ANYONE flying out of the UK to another country in terms of 'it's for your own protection'. Really?

Even the village idiot could work that one out - it is for the protection of OTHER COUNTRIES against the UK.

Anonymous said...

The 'beehive' timers are now completely out of 'synch' and going haywire. If you would like an analogy - just like the real French bees, did a few years back (it was said, because of new fertilisers, interfering with their 'homing devices'). This is NOW what is happening to all of the ILL slaves in the UK.

For example, the so-called 'demonic' members of the ILl cult in Harwich, prepared for their 'Summer Solstice' a month too late - not realising that they had got the date entirely wrong because it is a deeply subconscious thing - transmitted into their subconscious minds by Radio Tower control.

It was actually quite hilarious to be around at the time. All the demonic/Masonic symbolism went up and everywhere around Dovercourt/Harwich - the day before JULY 21st instead of last month's SUMMER SOLSTICE JUNE 21st.

One hopes that this will leave all ILLuminati mind control slaves in no doubt that it is NOT the 'devil' which controls them but microchips, Radio Towers and mind control.

Black Rabbit said...

The CIA wanted to provide an expert example and demonstration to the British Public of what Illuminati Royal CROWN control is all about.

Their 'devil' cults are a sham.

Their membership of the local BAAL cult within the Royal Military is a sham.

Their membership of the demonic OTO Templar cult is a sham.

Their membership of the local WICCAN group which met on JULY 21st rather than JUNE 21st, is a sham.

None of them were 'in touch' with any esoteric or NATURAL FORCES.

They are all mind control slaves, controlled by their microchips, mind control and Radio Towers.

Anonymous said...

This is the entire ILLuminati frequency series beginning with the top cult group at number 14:


For short:


The 0-9 sequence began upon 4 and ended upon 5.

One can therefore complete the sequence:


Anonymous said...

Israeli Army Intelligence has identified the above frequencies with what they have termed an 'unauthorised' department of the Mossad. This department is now currently under their investigation.

Anonymous said...

After hideous debacle of Templar Castle 2001 - Eliza Manningham-Buller and one of the Rockefellers - who went under the name of Mark Campbell (in the US Peace Corps in Katowice, Poland 1994)made a pact together.

They would keep all of the money from the Harry Potter series of books and eliminate the woman who was the true creator of this series (Rowling was only ever a puppet actress to dupe the media and wasn't allowed to keep 99% of the money generated from this massive industry).

BIG DADDY Rockefeller has now severely cautioned his son and ordered him to give back half of the money to the original author. (Much of it has already been spent upon expanding the Harry Potter enterprise.)

Stella Rimington, Richard Tomlinson and John Scarlett were all involved in taking a 'cut' from Eliza Manningham-Buller's deal with 'Mark' Rockefeller and therefore harrassed and intimidated the original author with continuous death threats and actual attempts upon her life, if she dared to talk about any of it.

Anonymous said...

This 'unauthorised' Mossad department even went so far as to plant a bomb in this woman's luggage in order to not only blow her up but also the plane of British Jews who were flying back to the UK.

Luckily, Tel Aviv Airport Security was made aware that such an attempt upon her life might be made by Israeli Army Intelligence -they searched her luggage - found the bomb - called up the Mossad team in question for an 'interview' - and the woman was then allowed to board her plane to return to the UK.

Israeli Intelligence are now in the process of investigating this entire 'unauthorised' Mossad department, in relation to the bomb placed by a 'team' from this department (who were operating in and around the area of the Imperial Hotel by Jaffa Gate) and also to the above frequencies mentioned.

Anonymous said...

The CIA were also involved at the time because unbeknownst to this Mossad team - the woman in question had been working undercover for this agency (and for most of her life - her status was that of a Lieutenant Colonel i.e. Senior Officer).

This woman is now NOT prosecutable under UK Law - she is bound by US Law although an attempt has been already made to arrest her by corrupt members of the Police, operating in the Essex area.

(These members of the Police are under ILLuminati mind control and were briefly dealt with by the combined forces of the CID and CIA - the latter were acting within an 'advisory' capacity.)

The CPS of the UK is about to undergo a stringent and severe overhaul to get rid of any more Royal ILLuminati mind control slaves, within all of their related services.

To use a PLUMBING metaphor - this means ripping out the antiquated 'VICTORIAN COPPER PIPES' of the old system and bringing the CPS right up to date.

Justice will be done.

Anonymous said...

A 'thank you' note from the Lt. Col:

I can be magnanimous to Mark at this point in time because he was so very kind whilst he deprogrammed me (1994 Katowice) and was also solicitous at the Templar Castle - amidst all of the horror, madness and mayhem - he made sure that I survived.

I suppose it was simply a question of too big a temptation on offer regarding the treacherous Eliza Manningham-Buller.

As I had said to you before, Mark - you get it perfectly correct 99% of the time (a far higher percentage than I could ever achieve) but when you get it wrong - no half measures there -you get it very wrong indeed. True, don't you think?

In consideration of the news that you have now agreed to pay half of it back - no hard feelings.

Anonymous said...

NOBODY who was at that Templar Castle in 2001, knows where the true author of HARRY POTTER has her LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT.

The one that they had tortured her into signing, has now been destroyed.

It gets even better, doesn't it?

They cannot 'hospitalise' her because she is only subject to US LAW.

Even if they tried to illegally do so in order to get 'power of attorney' - they couldn't make her write another will after having declared her 'mad' i.e. detained at Her Majesty's Pleasure.

The evidence that she is the true author, is all on videotape - admitted to, by none other than members of the Royal Family, British Intelligence and their Templars.

Anonymous said...

Anybody heard of these guys?









Anonymous said...

Check out this book for a laugh about Eliza Manningham-Buller and how the Rockefellers saw her in her capacity as 'messenger' to DC from British Intelligence (and beyond that):


leapfrog - rhyme time series


Yes, they have caricatured Manningham-Buller as a dopey stupid 'woolly mammoth' pet of 'little Rocky'.

Anonymous said...

The videotapes of the Templar Castle 2001 were scanned by the CIA for more important reasons than finding out the true author of Harry Potter.

For example, Prince William is now terrified of the possible repercussions concerning his boasting on videotape that he had tortured CIA members to death (and he had - that is also on videotape).

Anonymous said...

These tapes were also used to follow up 'concerns' regarding the Royal Family's links with certain corrupt members of the CIA and the Mossad in relation to 9-11.

Black Rabbit said...

You forgot to mention the ROYAL GENOME PROJECT in relation to the Royal Templar idyll of a world full of men (pregnant men) having eliminated all female members of the human race - that must be worthy of some consideration.

What about the plans discussed for a NWO with Islam as a 'front' for their Luciferianism?

Anonymous said...

Anybody want to hear the whole story regarding ARDLEIGH SURGERY in relation to highly illegal Illuminati clinical test trials upon unsuspecting patients?

Here are the facts:

The fact that Richard Tomlinson has fraudulently posed as a Doctor there before now.

The fact that Stella Rimington organised Dr Bettle's accident which resulted in his coma and subsequent brain-damage i.e. threat of epilepsy.

The fact that Dr Manders professional qualifications as a Doctor of Medicine are BOGUS - supplied by Rimington.

The fact that Dr Manders then took over the entire surgery after Dr Bettle's accident and is now holding this Surgery hostage (Bettle had formerly been in charge) in relation to these illegal and illicit trials.

Dr Manders is a tyrant, (low intelligence 'office manager') who was put in charge by Rimington, to continue illegal ILLUMINATI CLINICAL TEST TRIALS upon unsuspecting patients on the books, at that surgery.

A microcosm of the macrocosm - is this happening at a Surgery near you?

The BMA should now be underway in the investigation of Mr Manders' so-called medical qualifications.

Doctors from the area have already commented upon Mr Mander's extraordinary LACK of medical knowledge and in particular, in relation to his supposed 'specialisation' i.e. skin disorders.

You need to be more than a consummate actor to pull off being a real Doctor and Mr Manders doesn't have the requisite knowledge to do it.

It has also to be mentioned, that Rimington has also issued dire threats against Dr Bettle's wife and children if he dares to talk about this to anybody else.

To our knowledge, he has not done so - it was Richard Tomlinson who admitted to the whole scam and what had really happened to Dr Bettle during his so-called 'horse-riding' accident.

Dr Bettle had been beaten around the head until he lost consciousness by both Tomlinson and Rimington because he had objected to those illegal test trials being run through his Surgery.

Anonymous said...

If you would like to know more about illegal Illuminati clinical tests trials upon the unsuspecting Public OR you would like to know where 'Dr' Manders got his bogus qualifications - why not give him a ring?


01206 230224

Anonymous said...

Would anyone like to comment upon this ILLuminati programming book?

by Nick Butterworth
ISBN: 0 00 712017 6
9 780007 120178

Programming numbers:

1 3 5 7 9 10 8 6 4 2

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Has anybody checked out what has been going down at LITTLE OAKLEY HALL recently?

Anonymous said...

Little Oakley?

Just follow the BAYVIEW road off the coastal road (see the Templar grotesque sculptures in the garden before you - unmissable - the MERI and the ST JOHN decapitated head)...past the LITTLE OAKLEY MEMORIAL...walk across the field and past the OAKDENE sign at the crossroads...keep going straight on down the little lane into the countryside...and find yourself the 'Royal' blue and white house - named THE WHITE HOUSE...take the Public Footpath (2 in fact) that are also signposted NO HORSES...but that means 'gee-gee' mind control slaves of the ILL cult...and where do you end up?

Walking up a field towards a copse of trees and then you are in BIG trouble...

Do NOT walk through and out of the copse of trees towards the farm in the distance...unless you want a surprise attack from a helicopter...

Anonymous said...

I've tried it - an unmissable experience - with two other 'adventurers'.

I wouldn't recommend it to anybody though - highly dangerous.

The helicopter is on guard at this Royal 'smuggling' farm - it is also treated with INVISIBILITY COATING.

You can hear it and we heard it loudly above our heads, getting closer by the second but we couldn't see it at all - rather like a scene out of NORTH BY NORTH WEST -getting back across that field - very scary indeed.

I might add that it was a clear BLUE SKY that day and at first we thought that the helicopter was just too high up to be seen but not so - the sound of the blades was far too loud.

Anonymous said...

Little Oakley - there is a Mason around there who specialises in RADIO TRANSMISSION programming for the ILL smugglers. Hankin Road.

The ILL have all of the radio codes up on the Internet for their mind control programmers, disguised upon this site:

Anonymous said...

Blacet( John Blacet)
CGS (Ken Stone)
EFM (Tom Gamble)
Oakley (Tony Allgood)
Papareil Synth Labs (Marc Bareille)
Tellun (Scott Juskiw)

If you would like to know more about GC or GOLDEN CHAIN Templar programming in relation to EMF waves – why not ask the guys above?
Maybe one of them might be willing to give you a tutorial in Illuminati mind control programming and how the following objects are used for this purpose, in relation to the microchipping of human beings:

Blacet Time Machine
Blacet MiniWave
Blacet LFO
CGS06 Burst Generator and
CGS28 Sequential Switch
CGS07 Gate Sequencer and
CGS42 Gate Sequencer CV
CGS23 Analog Logic
CGS29 Wave Multipliers
CGS31 Digital Noise
CGS35 Steiner-Parker Synthacon Filter
CGS57 Bi-N-Tic Filter
Oakley Little EG
Oakley Little Lag
Oakley Sample and Hold
Oakley Equinoxe Phaser
Oakley Super Ladder

Check out the website and all of their links to find out additional ILLuminati mind control programming e.g. for women programmed by
Rimington 'daughterboards' that sort of thing.

The Mason who was involved in this disgusting mind control slave trade in human beings (down Hankin Avenue) is probably in hiding by now - Rimington used to electrocute each victim at the nape of their neck, after he had shown them a particular piece of electronic equipment and coding.

Check out for Hankin Avenue to see where this complex of crooked Masons and ILL British Intelligence programmers are located - a whole enclave of them live around here.

Anonymous said...

For your perusal - the image files are particularly laughable:

Appears to have been Tomlinson's idea.

Black Rabbit said...

You mean his idolisation of Spanish actor Antonio Banderas in Interview with a Vampire?

The role he played out at Templar Castle 2001.

At gif number 17779.

Black Rabbit said...

Look up number 77 on 'find' to see who controls the 'carrier pigeons' of this ILLuminati cult - answers on a postcard for the first accurate identifications.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Mark Campbell on a '78' here? In the arms of DR DEATH?

Anonymous said...

This 'golden ring' gif is particularly nasty:

As any fule no - doughnuts = arseholes (and as far as the Templars are concerned - children's arseholes are preferable.)

Anonymous said...

I'd watch OUT for the BEACH WARDEN at the end of Dovercourt Bay if I were you - not only is he a 'good old friend' of Rimington's but he has just been given this mind control 'silencer' code:


The Royal Family are petrified that the whole area may soon be out of their Masonic control.

Anonymous said...

The MASON'S HUT, at the end of Dovercourt Beach eh?

I wouldn't let my kids anywhere near there.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the 'midi' website - I had a look down the first images and immediately flashbacked to these having been used in Illuminati programming and by Stella Rimington.

Here are some brief notes that I have made on a selected few:
The church i.e. ‘Masons Hut’ where the lilies i.e. women are hideously abused under mind control as ‘zygote’ and ‘sex’ slaves.
What happens to real Jews – the 10 tribes.
Ashkenazim NWO ‘RUZ’ PINK. The closet S/M gay NWO brigade.
NWO ‘Armageddon’.
Islamic NWO
Asian mind control slave – left hand raised to programmer – controlled by radio microchip.
Royal Family ‘yellow team’ i.e. Ashkenazim rule the ‘pink lilies’ i.e. female mind control slaves.
Two oranges signify mind control suicide bomber.
Doomsday programming trigger.
‘Poison Ivy’ PI soul-trapping, mind control for children.
Guess who?

Black Rabbit said...

So I guess this young woman isn't going to be born - and therefore this photograph (10 years on from now)won't exist then ;-)

Anonymous said...


Black Rabbit said...

Anybody care to expand upon ILLuminati 'washing line' programming?

Children were hung up on washing lines upside down until their knees dislocated to make them disassociated and then anally raped 'out of their minds'. The first step in the process to send the 'I' out of a child's head in order to create a 'robot'.

Anal rape sends the spinal cord and brain berserk. Easy to make an adult or child disassociate in this way.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody noted the MICROSOFT OFFICE cartoon assistants yet and how they are used to ‘guide’ Intelligence operatives? Try one out yourself. You have a choice of several cartoon characters – they all do coded actions to either programme the mind control slave subliminally or consciously.

Right-click on the cartoon icon and go down the list to ANIMATE! You can then keep clicking through all of the ‘party tricks’ of this animal/object/person.

The ‘cat’ is particularly nasty in that at some point it changes into a whizzing computer base inside its outline i.e. computerised mind control slave.

Try the DOG who will guide you through various deprogramming techniques. His name is ROCKY.

Try the CAT which directs the mind control slave, subliminally i.e. all creative ideas are put in the YELLOW folder for the programmer to use as his/her own.

Try MERLIN who taps the screen with his RIGHT hand –a programmer command.

Try the WORLD which freezes into a crystal – FREEZER programming.

Try the DIAMOND JIGSAW which activates different compartments of the brain.

Try the ROBOT BUG which automatically prints off data for a programmer.

Try the RED BALL which turns itself into a SAFE with one eye i.e. CYCLOPS programming – a mind control slave operating upon one side of the brain.


Anonymous said...

The biggest 'faggot' event of the year?

For those of you who are interested in Bohemian Grove and the current list upon the Internet of those poor unsuspecting 'invitees' who will be pressganged into going (and subsequently blackmailed out of their minds afterwards, by the Illuminati) - here is an account of what others have witnessed in previous years.

CIA/FBI have video footage of the following:

Prince Philip and Prince Charles in a brightly lit changing room - painting themselves with body paint - in black and white stripes.

Prince Philip and Prince Charles 'in tent' or rather in a SHAMAN'S HUT (heavily in disguise)in a secluded part of the forest.

The HUT is based on ASHANTI design.

From the video it isn't clear in the darkness, who the two skinny, gaunt figures in 'skeleton' body paint are but having seen the previous video, one is left in no doubt.

The druids were no doubt attracted by the fire light - during their run through the forest - but can you imagine their shock and surprise upon coming upon that vision of unloveliness?

You thought that having to worship the big MOLOCH OWL and having to listen to recordings of tortured children and adults was bad enough but experiencing the SHAMANS in their SHAMAN HUT could be compared to the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT X 1000.

Black Rabbit said...

It's just one big mind control programming jamboree, isn't it?

All about blackmail and tapes.

Anonymous said...

The ENTRAPMENT going on at BOHEMIAN GROVE is of an avaricious and esoteric nature - in relation to all of those unlucky 'invitees' who want to join this 'prestigious club' but then get videoed doing things that they wouldn't want anyone to know about - 'guests' who are then subsequently blackmailed out of their brains...and for the rest of their lives.

But then that was what the ILLuminati cult and their SAT B'HAI contract has always been about...promising that you would get everything for nothing (if you agreed to be unquestioningly obedient to the CROWN) and that you would now be part of an 'esoteric' prestigious Satanic club.

The two biggest hooks then:

AVARICIOUSNESS as in wanting fame, fortune...and so forth but at no cost to yourself and no effort...

ESOTERIC FANTASIES as in believing that you now have a god-like status and belong in some magical, mysterious company of super-beings who control the Universe...

Who created these two big hooks?

The cynical hearts and minds of BIG BUSINESS and their PR/ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN staff.

Why not ask the SAATCHIS about that one? None of them are under mind control.

Anonymous said...

I have been told that I am not allowed to mention the name of this 'notable person' who attended the BOHEMIAN GROVE jamboree...and so I will not do so but having viewed the whole event, graphically...I see no reason not to put it down.

The ASHANTI type hut that the ROYALS had built for them as their SHAMAN HUT was up on a sort of small ledge/plateau in the forest...much higher up the mountain, than the 'festivities' down below.

I have no idea whether or not the 'participants' of this event had been sent upon some sort of ILL 'quest' but it seems likely...and one participant had made his way up through the trees...about 2/3 of the way, up the mountain...and had found the tiny clearing on this large ledge where the small fire and Ashanti hut was situated. This was an extremely dangerous place to be in the dark...because you walked through the forest towards the fire but to your left, was a sheer drop where the trees ended and one could gauge that by the skyline of the trees...which also dropped as one viewed the end of the ledge...the only way you could tell that you were entering a 'cul de sac' in the forest, as it were, the level of trees was significantly lower to the you entered this discreet enclave...but in almost pitch blackness...the firelight didn't extend far and very little was visible in order to get your bearings in terms of how much danger you were in, in terms of the ledge.

Anyway, this person was crouching in the trees...the two SHAMANS were aware that someone was out there but they didn't know precisely where...the SHAMANS had small stun guns in their hands...this person noted that...and so threw a small branch to the distract them...he then ran into the hut...and then came out again to pick up two burning branches from the fire...long enough to keep the shamans and their stun guns at bay...he severely burnt one of them twice...he also heard groaning from over the ledge...somebody else had made it up there and was injured down below...anyway, once back to the safety of the forest, to the right...he made a for it...he had no idea who those two were...but had burnt the tallest one severely because he figured that this man had the longest legs and might outstrip him if he gave chase...

Black Rabbit said...

So who is at the TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN then?

Who is at the end of this quest?

Who is at the top of the International Masonic Pyramid?


Anonymous said...

A riddle for you.

Explain the situation to a distraught husband who has just lost his beloved wife:

Her last words were along the lines of "Why did I love you? Because you made me laugh."

Answers on a postcard...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Final answer:

A certain Prime Minister thinks WODA…a certain film director thinks WODA…a certain Rockefeller thinks WODA…a certain Intelligence Agency thinks WODA and so I will go with the WOOD family…even though ‘woda’ means water…it is a conflation of the two…WOOD AND WATER…so perhaps a double vote then…

It all gives new meaning to ‘I cannot see the WOOD for the TREES’.

How many WOOD families are there now? So MANY variations:

PINEWOOD, REDWOOD, GREENWOOD...but then this is a 'druid' cult primarily isn't it? Not an Ashanti 'shaman' one.

Naturally, there could be a mountain spring at the top in some cave which would give credence to the whole ANAHID legend.

So I will go with the 'phone a friend' unanimous majority vote:


Anonymous said...


LOL - What would a wood be without 'weaving spiders'?

What is this MOLOCH CULT on about?

Women are normally seen as spiders, as in 'black widows'...spinning their webs to catch men...the flies...but one can also say that it is the Mossad who are seen as the weaving spiders...and big ones, too.

Or does George Bush now believe in the 'spiders from Mars'?

More laughter at:

Black Rabbit said...

Okay, somebody has just sent me an image of a lilypond...with 1 dark pinky-red lily with golden fronds...2 light pink smaller lilies...3 green leaves...4 rocks and one 5 leaved green plant...amidst the rushes...does anybody know if something similar exists at the quintessential pinnacle of Bohemian Grove?

I will post up the image shortly.

Anonymous said...

So this isn't so much about ILLuminati families and their relation to the elements - but a reference to 'FROG ON A LILYPAD' ILLuminati programming?

The 'FROG' being the paedophile.

Is that what this image is saying? The MOLOCH CULT is simply about paedophilia and the general use/abuse of children.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we have a camcorder recording of this lilypond in the clearing of the forest - one and the same. It is the quintessential pinnacle of the Bohemian Grove 'quest'.

Anonymous said...


The FROG as paedophile - with no 'tadpole tail' as in no memory of what he/she has done until they get past 40 years old.

It becomes so clear - clear as crystal - that so many people were forced to be paedophiles and to abuse their children - only to wake up to all of this later on - post 40 years old. Then to have Rimington on their doorstep with a videotape - telling them that she will send it to the Police if they do not do precisely what she says. The ultimate blackmail weapons combined:

A tape of you committing paedophilia - and even worse - incest with your own children. Guaranteed to 'silence' most people for life.

The scope of this ILL blackmail project has been immense, in British Society and it has to be exposed. There is safety in numbers.

Anonymous said...

One can see that Rimington and her cronies were perpetrating the blackmail on a door-to-door, individual level and that NONE OF THEIR VICTIMS knew how wide the problem was - perhaps Rimington's victims thought that they were the only a 'FEW' (themselves and their friends) who were guilty of such crimes and would PILLORIED by society in general - whereas in reality, the problem was massive -so many people implicated and threatened by the ILL cult - that if EVERYONE came 'out' about it - the problem would disappear almost instantaneously - no more mind control, no more incestuous rape -no more blackmail and NO charges or 'cautions' - the CPS simply couldn't cope with the SHEER numbers. They could try but they would fail. The majority of the UK up on such charges? You have got to be joking - the whole system would collapse - besides the vast majority of agencies in the CPS are guilty of all of the above crimes, themselves - whether they can remember it or not.

Black Rabbit said...

One could also put a positive spin to such an image of the 'lilypond' and talk about the LOTUS flower as a symbol of ENLIGHTENMENT and the opening up of the THIRD EYE.

What interested me about this image was that the MAIN lotus/waterlily was of the colours of the clothing of the Dalai Lama and Lamas. That 'odd' red and the golden yellow.

Anonymous said...

Last night I found out what had happened that was so terrible in Tibet:

In brief, it began with the Chinese, the Colonial countries invaded...the huge threat posed to the Tibetan Lamas...who had been trained as warrior monks.

As everyone in the Military will know, even a highly trained person can just 'flip' in the battlefield...go completely crazy...and that sums it up...the Tibetan Lamas were pushed past all limits of endurance and 'flipped' into the dark side...and because they were immensely spiritually powerful, this was highly dangerous...the results were too terrible, too gruesome to talk about here.

As Daldry and the other UK Illuminati were fond of stating 'when a good person goes to the bad...' it is terrifying...they have the capacity to do far more evil than those naturally inclined to do so, for some reason...

The effects of this horror are still clear to day - to the Tibetans - in the form of the 14th Dalai Lama...many in Tibet, regard him as the natural manifestation of this corruption and evil within their Society and Religion...and they are waiting for him to 'pass away' so that another spiritual leader can appear.

I 'saw' this in the future - a golden ball of light - there is a 15th Dalai Lama waiting in the future...who will lead his people back to the good. He will 'right' the world again.

Last night I was 'in touch' with those Tibetans again...remembering how it was in 1980 during British Intelligence training...when the old Tibetan woman had told me telepathically 'you are one of us'...and the Lama who had 'discovered' me hiding by telepathy and nearly 'outed' me to the UK Illuminati.

Funnily enough, the Chinese at Warwick University knew all about this...showed me their huge compendium and the early photographs of Tibetans, telling me 'you look just like them'...which of course, I didn't but they had another agenda...perhaps trying to get me to 'wake up' a bit many years later to meet the Lamas at breakfast at a Jakartan hotel in 2004 and to have another telepathic conversation with one of them...he also knew that I was 'one of them'...and so many others...

Anyway, I looked at the UK Illuminati and saw that their major fallacy of belief was that they thought that both GOOD and EVIL are an illusion. GOOD and EVIL are NOT illusions. These people are on a very low spiritual rung and have to learn how to distinguish between GOOD and EVIL and then to follow the GOOD. They have to learn how to identify both and then to separate the two.

The Tibetans are now involved in what they call a 'purification' of their spiritual life, in preparation for the coming of the 15th Dalai Lama. It is a terrible thing...those poor people...such a hard life in Tibet...


Anonymous said...

The FROG ON A LILYPAD was all about BLACKMAIL. Everybody in the ILL cult was easily fooled and easily blackmailed because of MIND CONTROL. That just about sums up the entire ILLuminati system.

The FROG representing the person who has no 'tail' - no memories of the terrible things that the ILL forced him/her to do - then to be presented with the videotape and hideously blackmailed. One can but imagine what is on somebody like David Cameron's tape.

The only way to break this vicious cycle is to OUT the ILLuminati for it. To stand together and OUT them for it.

So many fathers across the country, did precisely the same thing to their own children - when I look at all of my childhood friends and their parents, they were all involved, all doing the same thing - and the only way to stop it is to call an amnesty if people will come forward to 'out' the ILL with their TALES.

I remember a very telling point in Phillips/O' Brien's book TRANCE FORMATION OF AMERICA where she states just how cynically Bill Clinton viewed the whole ILLuminati system in relation to George Bush trying to get him to be videoed with prostituted mind control slaves:'you have got enough on me already'. Clinton was blase about it all and one can see what a farce and calculated spectacle the 'blow job' was in relation to what Bush and his cronies could have 'got' Clinton for.

Anonymous said...

Looking back at that chapter in Richard Tomlinson's autobiography concerning the SAS in Bosnia - I have no idea if this particular incident was a fabrication but do know how upset he was in Budapest in 1994. He couldn't talk about what he had seen in Bosnia but it was obviously far more terrible than any Illuminati torture programme and I now begin to wonder if what he had seen was 'highly trained personnel' flipping out - going to the dark side.

I can remember the Military Personnel 'old soldiers' at the Templar Castle in 2001 - indulging in the most extreme and tortuous S/M 'sports' imaginable as if they were all in some 'circus' and it was horrific to watch but these guys seemed to be enjoying it - unlike the prisoners below ground.

WAR sends people crazy and sometimes they don't recover from it. As simple as that.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about how all the old Military Hospitals have now been closed down and about how Military Personnel now have to go to the NHS and queue on their waiting lists like everybody else -and what an evil this was.

I remembered the old films about those WWII soldiers coming back - out of their minds - wards and wards of them - literally sent completely insane by WAR. Those old films of those Victorian sanatoriums/hospitals and the sheer numbers of men who had been reduced to a 'shell', to almost nothing by the sheer horror of war.

I then thought - what a way to cover up what is happening now. TV documentary crews cannot go down to the local Military Hospital - interview staff and say 'look at how widespread this horror is' and 'it has to be stopped'-'look at the numbers'because it is all hidden from Public view. Military Personnel sent home to suffer in silence and even worse - then to turn up at the NHS drop-in 'daycare' Centre to find that there are no experienced staff to deal with their psychological trauma -PTSD.

I remember watching Anglia News upon that one, they had a news item about a Gulf War survivor who was setting up workshops and discussion groups to help those who had recently come back from war and this was seen as a new initiative.

He had done it himself - nobody had paid him to do it - this was the EXCEPTION TO THE RULE in terms of the 'aftercare' that Military Personnel can expect, coming back from a war zone. How disingenuous -the MoD and Government know full well what sort of care these people need, yet appear to have brushed it all under the carpet. They know full well what had happened to those in WWII - so many studies were made by medical staff at the time - yet they have chosen to ignore the whole lot AND get rid of these specialist Military Hospitals - it is too terrible for words.

Anonymous said...

So this is all about the Military (or Tibetan monks as the warrior class) being pushed past any limits of endurance and then flipping into some 'dark' side or extremely negative state of mind where they go insane and never quite recover?

Anonymous said...

In relation to mind control - the Illuminati still have their cell towers up and until they come down - nobody can truly say that they are in control of themselves or their own behaviour:

"The key to stopping electronic mind control or psychotronic influencing is to take down those microwave towers that have sprung up everywhere like weeds. For a while, local residents were burning cell towers in Israel (perhaps in other countries as well, but certainly not in the USA, the Home of the Brave). Of course, you never heard about that from mainstream media, but it was a good start."

Fascinating - I didn't know that about Israel - why hasn't anyone done it in this 'green and pleasant land' i.e. the UK yet?

Anonymous said...

BT TOTAL BROADBAND yellow symbols:
all about mind control - diferent programming stages - see their new brochure.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't we move back to Scarlett's blog?

Why hasn't anyone mentioned Timothy Radcliffe OP yet?

The ORDER OF PREACHERS or that is the DOMINICANS in the UK.

This man is one of the top druids who attends all Illuminati sacrifices. Another one of those Catholics on the 'silly juice' and pills - you know the stuff that the Templars use - the drug which makes you see a rainbow around every object in your vision.

Why do Catholics go to the BAD so easily? Is it because their religion centres upon the cannibal feast of COMMUNION?

Anonymous said...

Radcliffe? An odd one for a Catholic priest - goes for the little girls, rather than the boys.

Anonymous said...

NLHWH006 - if you use a library computer - look up the log files because somebody may be networking illegally and spying upon you - the above is the file code.

Probably related to SYMANTEC (Norton Virus package) - look through their log files and you will see the WC is prominently mentioned.


This is Mr Mann at work, again.

Anonymous said...

SY MAN TEC - this was the Israeli branch of the ILL wasn't it?

That unauthorised Mossad department that was recently under investigation. Run by the UK ILL.

The crossword freaks at MI6 couldn't resist the pun on 'semantics'.

Anonymous said...

Upon that note, DAVID MILIBAND had better watch out - he was recently identified as working for this unauthorised Mossad department and is currently under investigation for having been involved in the proposed murder of a British woman.

Anonymous said...

Apparently his Russian 'chief' was incandescent with rage. Never suspected a thing. It just gets murkier, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Let me look at this list of STYLE options under REFERENCES on the new WINDOWS 7:

GOST - Name Sort
GOST - Title Sort
ISO 690 - First Element and Date
ISO 690 - Numerical Reference

These are encoded file extensions for sending files to the elite of the UK Illuminati.

One of the top three Illuminati is as certain Senator Roberts who is currently the mind control programmer of GEORGE BUSH. He is known as the 'lean spectre' or 'thin ghost' by the UK Illuminati - they do love their nicknames. This is in effect a reference to his status as the demonic 'holy ghost' of the Satanic Illuminati TRINITY. Stephenson is one of the big 3.

Anonymous said...

Who are the others apart from the GOST?

APA (this surrounds 'OUR PA' or 'R APE' and is related to PRINCE PHILIP - if you want to send an ILL file to him - it must have this signature)

Chicago (SHE CAR GO - something to do with VW and VIOLET WILLIAMS as the main ILL person)

GB7714 (these files go to ELIZA MANNINGHAM-BULLER but then her early years in MI5 were as a 'carrier pigeon 77' officer to Washington DC.)

GOST - Name Sort
GOST - Title Sort(both GOSTS relate to ROBERT STEPHENSON)

ISO 690 - First Element and Date
ISO 690 - Numerical Reference

MLA (no idea yet but figure probably a reference to Los Angeles and an MI6 programmer there.)

SIST02 (SIS here)

Turabian (A man called TONY ROBERTS - the TAU in RIGA, not ARABIA as it might seem.)

Black Rabbit said...

ISBN: 13 978 1 86233 651 3
9 781862 336513

an imprint of PINWHEEL LTD.

The dedication runs as follows:


What is 'felicity' - as far as I can recall it means something like faithfulness and loyalty so the big 'tone' to this book will be along those lines - loyalty to the ILL CULT...obviously it is also a book about the 13th one...and Jesus Christ 'sons of G-d'...the sick ILluminati 'high-risk' game that they play with people that they consider to be spiritually enlightened and not part of their demonic cult i.e. those with what are commonly seen as spiritual gifts e.g. telepathy, healing hands and so forth.

The Illuminati then proceed to hunt them down as a sort of Messiah figure. The 'game' includes a JUDAS figure which is an interesting point. If the CHOSEN ONE can expose the JUDAS figure before they are betrayed then the 'cup passeth from them'.

ANTONY BLUNT managed this manoeuvre as did TONY SMITH (ex-editor of the BMA)

Black Rabbit said...

To understand how this book is used by the Illuminati to hamstring their 13th CHOSEN ONE - you have to understand what the film 'Being John Malkovitch' was all about.

The Illuminati program their victim with 10 'alters' of programmers who then try to throw the 'snoring yellow duck' out of bed.

Prince Philip added that touch - a reference to his 'yellow team' British Ashkenazim and the Ashkenazim term 'shnorer' meaning 'beggar'. The victim is then thrown out of their mind as the 'beggar' in bed with the rest of them and they then get to drive the body of the slave like a car.

However, if you have a strong enough mind to begin with - you can throw them all out. In addition, you have to know what the Illuminati are capable of in their sick games and not think that you are 'hearing voices' or going crazy.

A bio-implant is injected into the victim's ear and then a voice blueprint of each programmer is laid on it as different tracks. Programming is then recorded onto these tracks.

Black Rabbit said...

Tony Smith - BMJ editor - he was recently abducted and his body was used in the ROYAL cannibal rites.

The remains of it were found in a mortuary in Chelmsford.

His family and friends still think that he is missing from the residental 'home' where he was currently staying as a victim of Parkinson's disease. As far as they are concerned, he simply 'disappeared' (even though the Police even had did a helicopter search for him amongst other things) and that therefore he must have died of Parkinson's in his 13th year of this ailment.

Anonymous said...

Everybody is talking about the macrocosm in terms of an overview of the UK Illuminati cult but what about the microcosm in terms of what GORDON BROWN has been instructed to do?

What about all of those unemployed people currently on benefits - who were chucked out of the ILLuminati system and then hounded into the ground, by their operatives.

They are now being forcibly made to work for around £50 a week in jobs that were designed to be a humiliation and punishment, for their defiance of the Royal Illuminati system via something that goes currently goes by the name of NEW DEAL.

Remember how the dollar design came into being? How that Senator got that Latin phrase past the President by translating it as NEW DEAL instead of NEW WORLD ORDER.

Gordon Brown is hoping to deal with ALL dissidents to the ILLuminati cult by imposing NEW DEAL upon them.

None of these people are allowed a proper job in the UK by SIS and so are in a double-bind. Their only real choice is to leave the country - whereby MI6 is then mobilised to arrange an 'accident'.

However, there is a way around this:

Job Centre staff do not admit to the fact that this is a mandatory course to take.

Unless you get an official letter saying that New Deal is mandatory - they cannot force you to do it.

Anonymous said...

Anybody ever been a victim of an Illuminati attack in relation to massive electrical storms that brew up from nowhere - very little rain - and have a bolt of lightning shot at one through the window? A friend of mine has and she survived the attack.

How? Ask the YOGIS. PRANAYAMA. Knowing how to breath in order to strengthen your aura is quite invaluable. Breathing through one nostril and then the other to aeriate both sides of the brain and then synchronising your breathing through both nostrils. A technique advocated by many. Control your breathing - control the world.

Anonymous said...

Let me explain Illuminati biochipping of the 13th ONE in their sick game:

Firstly they take a sample of DNA from the inner cheeks of their chosen 10 Templars - sick people chosen to harrass/bully and abuse the 13th victim.

This DNA is cultivated in a silicone gel and then injected into the right temple of the victim.

A tiny radio device is then also injected into the inner eardrum of the victim.

Each sick Templar is then given an evil statement to shout into the victim's ear - the laying down of a 'command sound track' which is then activated. In theory, this sick person will now also be able to issue other commands through the radio and their own DNA inside of the skull of the victim.

The result? The Illuminati then attempt to activate the DNA to radio sick messages to their victim via this DNA in order to try to send their victim mad. To make them believe that they are 'hearing voices'.

Black Rabbit said...

Pranayama can help to clear this silicon shit out of the area between brain and skull.

The result is a very 'salty taste' in the mouth as this revolting 'mucus' (a mixture of silicon and DNA) then begins to drip down through the sinuses and nasal cavities.

Anonymous said...

So that is all that these sick so-called Templars are?

A mess of shitty mucus - FILTHY BOGIES?

I guess that sums them all up.

Anonymous said...

I would respectfully beg to differ upon who is the 'GOST' of the UNHOLY TRINITY of the sicko Templar cult.


He is currently the CEO of the main US phone company A T & T.

US/UK Intelligence gets around Human Rights laws in terms of illegally taping phones of its citizen- some legal loophole whereby the US does it in the UK and the UK does it in the US.

This would make sense of the fraternisation of the boss of MI6 i.e. Prince Philip (not necessarily John Scarlett) with Mr Randall L Stephenson, CEO of A T & T.

The idea of the CEO of A T & T being the 'ghostly presence' down UK telegraph wires - also makes a lot of sense.

The 'ghost in the machine'.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to add that PRINCE CHARLES is the UNHOLY SON i.e. the complete reversal of JESUS CHRIST.

Anonymous said...

Anyone want to know about UK remote-viewer programming?

It is all about BIRDS...or rather SENATOR BYRD who appears to have played a prominent role in the coding of this vicious type of programming.

In the UK, we have those programmed with EAGLE, SPARROW, PIGEON, ROBIN, SWAN, RAVEN...and so forth by ILL members of the following families:


Feel free to contribute more to the list.

Anonymous said...

Anybody have anything upon these ILL programmers/families?


Anonymous said...

PW2 1TW - PW1 - TO - PR BB - PW5 1BB - PW1

Here is the code sent out today to all 77 CARRIER PIGEONS.

I haven't checked the postcode yet but off the cuff, could be POWIS, Wales. Prisoner of War camp for ISIS?

Anonymous said...

ISBN: 0 7496 5946 7
9 780749 659462

My dear old favourite, ANNE ADENEY. How funny that 'she' had taken on the name of her series advisor HILARY MINNS at the Templar Castle - a terrifying man indeed but then, embittered old queens often are.

Upon a more serious note, this book is used as mind control programming upon abused child alters to create a CANNIBAL ALTER which only comes out at night.

It is segregated/mind split from the 'daytime' alters.

The commands this alter responds to, are:


Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention a symbol which can also bring this 'dark alter' forward - you can see it on Page 6/7.

It is two Us - one inside another, seated upon another U which is reversed.

Anonymous said...

There is a passage in Timothy Radcliffe's book which made me remember his chat with Daldry at the Templar Castle 2001.Timothy was talking about having sex with little girls and how he gave his 'all' to it - lost himself in the process as if it were some 'divine' experience:

"It's like falling in love: if I love a girl because she satisfies my needs, that's not, at the end of the day, a mature love. That person is just a function of my little self-centred world. I discover what love is when I let her be the centre of my world and not myself."

This is a fascinating glimpse into the mind of a paedophile. I heard this man talking about sex with little girls and exhonorating himself from this criminal act by using very similar terms - he was deriding Daldry for being selfish when he buggered little boys - how one must 'lose oneself in the act' by making the focus of the 'art', the human child/object that was being used sexually, thereby gaining more sexual pleasure.

Most paedophiles tend to say when asked, that they LOVE children (a clinical psychologist's trick question - normal blokes don't use the word 'love' in response to the question 'do you like children?')...and this is how Radcliffe had taken his 'love' of children to a new demonic 'spiritual' level...

Anonymous said...

So your 'friend' survived the thunderbolts of Zeus aka Prince Philip (or would that be 'Akhenaton' to his Templar slaves)?

That one really made me laugh.

If one person can defeat all of their technology by simply learning how to breath properly, what can the rest of us do?

Anonymous said...

Might as well put this up here rather than Rimington's blogspot:

Approach Rimington with extreme caution. Note where her handbag is and what 'weapons' she might have within it. A 'stun gun' disguised as a small bottle of hairspray - that sort of thing. Things have moved on since 1980 - not just the 'paperclip' or the 'handcuffs' to be found in Rimington's hand bag. The drugs - no idea how they will be disguised nowadays - MI5 used to supply them disguised as sugar or 'saccharine substitutes' - the type of thin paper tube that you get upon airlines/railways - as I saw in Rimington's own house, when she emptied one into my cup of tea whilst I was in the loo and the door blew open and I shut it again quickly but very quietly.

Anyway, I have been told that her 'atomiser' is the most deadly. Do not let her spray anything in your vicinity. This is not about 'pepper spray'- this is more about 'killing' your microchip so that you fall 'dead' on the floor. Do NOT breathe it in. Or, if you have to breathe, try to do so by your mouth and NOT through your nostrils.

This is now the usual way that Rimington 'gets' slaves back under control and generally female ones, is to ask them to 'smell the delightful new room scent' she has...and then they 'sniff' specifically through their nostrils to smell the scent - and then pass out.

Anonymous said...

In relation to this sick Templar DNA in silicon gel - one has to get it out relatively quickly or it can damage the brain - various ILLustrations upon the Internet of what it can do i.e. eat a hole in the side of the brain - but in relation to the use of mobile phones, these are the primary way in which this DNA is activated.

Mobile phones are far more damaging than a radio in the inner ear - a much stronger signal. I had this device specifically put in because I have never used or wanted a mobile phone - or else the ILLuminati would have used my mobile to send messages to me. I remember Tomlinson talking briefly about that one, AFTER he had injected my eardrum with the radio-chip. Basically, they didn't trust me with a mobile phone because I didn't like using them. I wish that I had told them that I loved mobiles now...because I could have simply thrown it away afterwards.

In addition, Tomlinson had told me about the DNA culture that he was about to inject into my right temple: 'it is an anaerobic culture'.


This is why PRANAYAMA is so important - it oxygenates the sinuses and pineal gland - it destroys/kills this anaerobic culture which then seeps out down the back of your throat as you practice breathing deeply through your nostrils.


This HIDDEN ANAEROBIC DNA culture, which is injected into the temple of ILLuminati mind control slaves and this has been done to 'most of the UK' in the top jobs.

Anonymous said...


2WP - WC PM 1WP - 1RP - WC - 2WP - WC - WC - 1WP

Then 5WP

Black Rabbit said...

So let me look back at the timeline:

Templar Castle 2001, near Mons, South of France:

ATROCITIES committed, the like that the world has never seen or heard of before.

ROYALS and TEMPLARS are then presented with the 'blackmail tapes'.

A few months later in 2001 - 9-11.

Asian Tsunami - at the end of 2004.

One can see that a covert war had been declared between the UK and the US although one has to say that apart from 7/7, there has been no direct attack on the ROYALS and their TEMPLARs.

Then Prince Philip's plan to nuclear sub attack Israel - a year ago 2007.

However, last year - the US basic plan was to destroy the UK and then put the ROYALs and TEMPLARs upon some 'Guantanemo Bay' island and slowly torture them to death. THAT is how angry the PENTAGON was and still is.

Forget the war in Iraq - that is just an international 'oil grab' operation - the real Illuminati WAR, which may easily lead to WWIII, is the one being waged between the ROYALS/TEMPLARS and the US Military.

Most people nowadays have heard something about mind control slavery and if they have, tend to blame the CIA for the MKULTRA program and for starting the whole thing.

I can now fully understand I was put in here - to tell the whole story - about how it started during the BRITISH EMPIRE as the Royal Arch Freemasonry 'mind control slave camel' programme.

I was also to start revealing the horrific 13th ONE game - the terrible stages in this torturous and abusive game which then leads to one either being murdered or suffering some chronic/terminal disease as a consequence and then being eaten, in some ROYAL cannibal feast.

In addition, my purpose here was to indicate that AMERICA was founded upon ILLUMINATI CULT SLAVERY by the EUROPEAN ROYAL FAMILIES.

The ROYAL FAMILY were not aware until recently, that they were no longer in control of this ILLuminati mind control RA cult. After 2001, they were left in no doubt at all - they were no longer the rulers of it.

Hence the insane and criminal lashbacks which threaten everybody's safety and security upon this planet.

They cannot come clean about it because they cannot admit blame for anything - particularly not for the BRITISH MONARCHY having been the main culprits of this RA cult, to begin with. They also figure that they might have a chance of winning against the US and get the ILLuminati cult back under their control again.

Anonymous said...

Who do the SPUDNIKS rely upon most to do their mind control programming?

Historically, it has been these Illuminati family surnames:


Anonymous said...

You could relate these to elements, couldn't you?

SPITALL - (spit) fire
BUCKET - metal
CARTER (carpentry) - wood
GLASS - a solidified liquid
POTTER (earthenware clay) - earth


Anonymous said...

I wonder now...the psychology of the slave-drivers...Rimington desperately wanted her slaves to 'adore' find her 'love' her...despite her repulsive behaviour...

Perhaps a slave-driver treats a slave like a 'pet'...and one day, your beloved DOG turns round to you and says:

'Do you think that I enjoyed having a collar put around my throat? Do you think that I liked being half-choked to death on a leash? Do you think that I ever really 'loved' you? F*** YOU. Who are you kidding? I pretended to do so because you fed me.'

The self-delusions of slave-drivers in relation to the human beings that they keep as 'pets' is truly legendary - off in sick, little fantasy worlds of their own making.

Anonymous said...

A really brash and vulgar book by a woman who appears to be of the 'Jewish Princess' variety:

ISBN: 978 0 00 727018 7
9 780007 270187

Programming numbers: 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Nothing much to report here - somebody trying to be 'clever' but failing badly by pissing around with narrative but in a really stupid is simply a watered down TOM AND JERRY cartoon...Chester is a 'cat' who is outwitted by a 'mouse'. The 'mouse' being a RA programmed European Jew...who gets the better of the 'natural order of things' and tricks the 'cat'.

The hideous use of a large red marker pen all around the cat suggests extreme torture in order to make a mind control slave. The author/illustrator is seriously psychologically disturbed.

If one looks at the back of the book and the note pinned upon the cat's back: MICE RULE

That brought back SO many ILL puns and jokes around the anagrams and ILL cult meanings that one can get out of MICE.

Military Intelligence - CE (as in the logo of certification upon all electronic goods)
The 'MC' as in Masonic mind control. The 'master craftsman'.
'M' as in the boss of MI6 and 'C' as in the boss of MI5.

Anonymous said...

ISBN 978 0 7496 7297 3
9 780749 672973

Yet another book that I have already seen - at the Templar Castle 2001 (British Intelligence had all of the new literary programming materials for children and adults available - to be released as a later date)..anyway, this one is an oddity...because of the word BEST denoting CIA in the title...and also the SALMON PINK colour upon the back of the book which means SACRIFICIAL SLAVE...

I do not think that the CIA are going to like this book, do you?

The two main IMAGES within this book:

A 'DIRTY' DOG who needs a good 'WASH' because he is 'SMELLY'.

Roughly translated ('smelly cheeses' = Royal contraband, whilst I was working for the British Council in Eastern Europe - two of my colleagues called round at my flat to tell me that I was 'smelly' and to give them the golden mirror that I had recently purchased - I declined to do so) so this dog is a CROWN smuggler who needs to have the goods taken off him and then brainwashed i.e. memory modification to take away his memories.

Second image:

TWO GARDENS with a GARDEN FENCE inbetween and a hole through which SMELLY DOG can escape through. Why does DOG want to escape into the other garden? Because he prefers the style of 'washing' by that OTHER FAMILY next door...

This is basically 'reprogramming' by the ROYALS/TEMPLARS for CIA members. Do not give up the booty to the USA...give it to us and we will wipe your memory clean afterwards.

The image of the two halves of the brain also came to mind in relation to this two could also be pertinent here.

An MI6 ORANGE TOMCAT sits upon the FENCE and watches the whole proceedings as SMELLY DOG makes a run for it through the hole in the fence and gets washed by the neighbouring family, with a hose in their garden.

I met PETER COTRILL the graphic designer, at the TEMPLAR CASTLE - he has this to say about himself in the front of the book:

"I'm a bit of an old dog myself. I like a tasty biscuit, a good walk, a long sleep and someone to tell me 'who's a clever boy, then?"

That tells me more than enough about how COTTRILL has been programmed.

Anonymous said...

ISBN: 0 099 44388 0
9 780099 443889

A really sick book again...and this time starring Rimington as ILL 'granny'. I remember Tomlinson pointing her out as such, in this very book.

This is a truly disgusting book the Illuminati subtext symbolic code is all about rape and abortions - zygote slaves (young girls)...and 'granny' is responsible for the lot...and she gets to eat her BRUISED mile-high apple pie...think Rimington delicately feasting upon a human foetus and you have the whole of this book in a is incredibly sick...this 'granny' refers to her grand-daughter as 'MY APPLE-CHEEKED BRUISE GIRL'...the images upon every single page and the text combined...a truly revolting spectacle...the BLACK AND WHITE CAT called PRINCESS PEPPER (PP)...THE LEAVES ON THE TREES (with writing upon them)...PIANO/PAIN PROGRAMMING...PIZZA (CANNIBALISM)...A BLUE BIRD on granny's hand as she holds onto her 'grand-child'...granny only grows SWEET PEAS (she gets her 'grandchild' pregnant)...the little girl has a HAIRSLIDE by her TEMPLE (already had a syringe full of DNA Silicon into her skull)...she mustn't try to get rid of the BRUISED bits of the apple (APPLE = BRAIN)...because granny likes eating them...they are the 'sweetest part of the apple' - since when?...the PANDA DOLL on the little girl's bed...the RED SHOES...her 'party' where she has 6 small EASTER EGGS in her hair...granny's picture of her FERRYMAN'S BOATHOUSE on her wall...too many disgusting images to talk about really...enough said.

One might also add that the graphic design is so ugly and schizophrenic - one wonders what was going on in the mind of Lindsey Gardiner - or perhaps it would be better NOT to know.

Anonymous said...

Want to know the primary symbol for DELTA mind control slave programming?


If you would like to see an HUGE example of this programming in situ, visit the Dovercourt SPORTS SHOP by the Library, enter the shop, walk nearly to the end and then turn around and you will see the UNHOLY TRINTY of three posters of RED NIKE TICS up on high and behind you.

Note also that the WICKER BLINDS used to signify cannibal and paedophile activities within the area, are also present behind the NIKE TICS.

NIKE is also known as Artemis and seen as the 'huntress'. Illuminati slaves are hideously abused and tortured into fight/flight syndrome - this memory is then frozen in time, into their cellular memory/muscles - to be accessed only by a programmer. It is mainly Military programming but has also been used in various Sports.

Anonymous said...

Who was the MASTER PROGRAMMER at the Templar Castle 2001?

Mr LOWRY (deceased).

Anonymous said...

Isn't he the one that BBC RaW Library had encoded in their MAX AND LARA 'FLYING SPACE CIRCUS' as Mr REE?

Anonymous said...

One and the same.

The other characters are almost instantly identifiable too e.g.:

Stella Rimington as MRS SPECTACLES - with her 'cakes' (supply of human organs) and her 'lemonade' (soul energy).

John Scarlett has the 'rainbow OZ' guvnor of the British Intelligence Circus.

Andrew Marr as the mad dragon that gets buggered by Will Self with Eliza Manningham-Buller riding upon his back like a Royal Arch camel that he is really all quite hysterical if one has that sick sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

MI6 like to mind control program their slaves with the RaW Library
QUICK READS selection too - look at either the ISBN numbers or programming numbers in the front to work out the general Illuminati lessons within each book - very few books have no programming numbers, a refreshing oddity to find one which doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Anybody met 'Jenny' from Harwich Job Centre yet?

She appears to think that she is working for the CIVIL SERVICE because apparently she is only answerable to them and bound by their rules and regulations and NOT the usual governmental department - why not check her out?

What are the CIVIL SERVICE up to in Harwich then?

Anonymous said...

You mean that she is one of those BIG WHITE SLUGGISH SNAILS that tend to haunt Whitehall? I wouldn't be surprised.

Anonymous said...

Heart attack programming:


One of Eliza Manningham-Buller's codes - beware if you see it upon a governmental form.

Anonymous said...

I have decided that as a 'rule of thumb' if I were to vote for anybody (which I am not going to) then it would be someone who made their big PARTY SLOGAN:


I mean, as a child...the BT network of the pylons used to be pointed out to me EVERY TIME by either my parents or other Illuminati programmers, whenever I went to the countryside...

I was led to believe that this was the true SKELETON of control throughout the country...and I suppose as a child, that impressed me deeply...that was how the ILLuminati controlled the entire country via TELEGRAPH WIRE PROGRAMMING.

However, the new BT TOWERS are a far greater threat to personal freedom and liberty...I thought it was bad in the 1960s with just the BT pylons across the countryside.

I now get why GEORGE BUSH recently made a statement about how most people in Africa lived 3 MILES FROM A TELEPHONE...and wondered why on earth he would make such a dumb statement...obviously this useless fact had made a big impression upon him. Surely, these people do not want to 'chat' on a BT/A T & T phoneline in the outback...they want food, water, medical supplies...and anyway, it is highly unlikely that such a statement could be true, given the large African cities...most people would in fact be much closer to a telephone if not possess a mobile phone or know somebody who has one.

Yet one can see that the BUSH ADMINISTRATION isn't really concerned about selling telephone/cell phone services for the hell of it...they see it as a direct way to control large populations.

I can now see why those generic TV advertisements from the 1980s onwards...the ones where you have a globe and suddenly it is lit up by the neon glow of a massive network...and the jingle being 'connecting you' or some other crappy statement...are far more sinister than they might have looked a decade or so ago...and the words of RUSSO come back about a certain NICK ROCKEFELLER aiming for a globe of microchipped slaves on the 'network'...ruled by the BANKERS and the 'elite'.

I suppose the idea is that you just keep on programming children/adults, microchipping them and then adding their 'computer brains' to the ILL slave network, controlled by Cell Phone Towers.

Anonymous said...

I wonder now...I always thought that TONY BLAIR had more strength to his character than most people would give him credit for...IF anybody has tapes of NUMBER 10 and could scan them to see precisely who was in his vicinity just before he had his suspected heart attack/ might isolate a TOP PROGRAMMER...when one looks at what happened to ROBIN COOK up a mountain...a suspicious death of a heart attack...who was up that mountain with him, in that group of climbers? Do not discount the Party female secretaries as suspects...remember how RIMINGTON made her way up to the top.

Black Rabbit said...

Atrial Fibrillation is normally induced in Illuminati victims and then 'frozen' into the muscles of their heart.

This horrific experience can then be called up by the programmer, where necessary to make the slave comply. Almost certainly what happened to Tony Blair.

Anonymous said...

Anybody like to comment upon that CULT COMIC CLASSIC:


The two-page spread of BLAZING WORLD with the major icons of ILL mind control towards to end of this 'illuminating' book' - where the three escapees from the UK are viewing the destruction of the UK from a the deck of a ship...has the MUSHROOM atomic explosion in the middle...the one that GORDON BROWN was programmed to see (I remote-viewed his mind, telepathically)...and his view that he would have a safe passage out of the UK to Russia...

The 'whales' coming out of the top of this atomic explosion in London...are the PRINCE OF WALES programmers...

The galleon...the slave ships from colonial times...the boxes...MI5 PAS 'box' mind control...the pineal gland...the LITTLE PRINCE...the MAGNET...the TWO GOLDEN RINGS (used to activate the microchip)...

Why the BLAZING WORLD? - 'go to the blazers'...BLAZERS = PUBLIC SCHOOL BOY WORLD...the only place where the 'fairies' can flee to since the 16th Century, according to this book...

So why does this woman who has pinched the British Intelligenc ILluminati programming book end up here? Because she has to see it for what it is...and understand how it is culturally based upon English history and from the 16th Century.

That is the clearest statement of intent, from this show the history of BRITISH show how it is intertwined with SLAVERY, rabid racism (e.g.'Golliwog'character), repressed homosexuality and the resultant perversions e.g. S/M behaviour,pantomime/circus
'dramatics' - abuse of experimental drugs and mind control...and the BLAZERS who run it...

As ever, nobody could have said that 'straight' US author would have dared to publish a 'straight book' upon THE HISTORY OF BRITISH INTELLIGENCE and directly said ANY of those things...but it is quite clear to me - that most if not ALL of the above are true.

The Americans are basically saying:

YOU STARTED IT (from the time of Queen Elizabeth I) and also WE WILL FINISH YOU, BECAUSE OF IT.

Anonymous said...

The CIVIL SERVICE...that is an interesting one...Mark Campbell/Rockerfeller used to have an OFFICE in WHITEHALL that most people in the CIVIL SERVICE 'missed' for some reason...I do not suppose he has one there now...being incarcerated in a CIA 'rest home'...and those enclaves of WHITE SNAILS in the WHITEWALL of this garden...are there any of these poisonous little WHITE SNAILS in WHITEHALL anymore? I this yet ANOTHER 'sting operation' to sound them all out?

Anonymous said...

Rimington greeted the newly-arrived at the Templar Castle with the 'demure' phrase 'I am just a LITTLE PERSON here'. Yet the LITTLE PEOPLE were those who were running the whole sick show, behind the scenes.

ISBN: 978 0 00 717520 8
9 780007 175208

An odd book...couldn't really get a handle upon it but saw the 208 radio frequency used to denote it and figured this must be something to do with chipping...but seeing as this book is an old one...1976...the chipping would be quite old...i.e. probably not about biochipping but the old 'computer' chip...not sure...

Anyway, this is all about a bunch of 'tiny creatures' that live on top of what appears to be a human head...see the ILLustration early on in the book...about 6 pages into it...and you can see quite definitely the dome of a person's head with some receding black hair...four little creatures...LITTLE PEOPLE to the left and on top of this dome...and a 'flower' to the right, growing out of the left temple...

Naturally this book doesn't describe this object as a 'human head' but as a, I have NEVER seen a clover that looked like a RED fluffy ball before (as it is depicted in the other ILLustrations - only once, as a white human head), in my life...

What does this book tell me? That DNA silicon injections into the temple of ILL slaves, had been going on before 1980 (when my course had this done to us)...maybe it even started around when this book was published in 1976.

Anyway, the conclusion to this horrible story is that if the LITTLE PEOPLE shout loud enough upon their that the whole world can hear them...then this means that they won't be destroyed by the 'animals' around who do not believe that they odd conclusion...

The 'animals' then collude to PROTECT the 'LITTLE PEOPLE' once they know that they really exist...

I get this now...this is about 'animal alters' in the brain of a programmed slave...

They have to 'believe' that the 'voices' in their minds (and upon a subliminal/subconscious level) are REAL...and that they should take into account what the LITTLE PEOPLE say and endeavour to PROTECT these people...inside their heads but more to the point, ALSO in the REAL WORLD...i.e. it is an exceptionally insidious command to protect your listen to the radioed programmer's commands to the programmer's DNA in your skull...and also to protect these evil people, in real life.

The whole book reads like a manual to TEST out the process...upon a slave in a young child alter...make them believe in this fairytale...get them to hear the 'voices' of the LITTLE PEOPLE at a deep brainwave level state and you have a 'ready to go' mind control slave who can be controlled by the PROGRAMMER DNA implant/radio implant network.

Anonymous said...

I had a Turkish friend at Bassnett/Collie's Centre at Warwick University - she used to use 'ish' inappropriately as a suffix almost continually e.g. "I have found this interesting book-ish, would you like to have a look?"

I inquired if this was part of a dialect that had been transferred from her native tongue and was told 'no' - just her way of speaking.

She suffered a nervous breakdown and left eventually - she had been on a British Council Scholarship and her written English was top-notch. What do you make of that?

Anonymous said...

Ever been irritated by Naval Masons whistling at you in the street?

They are some of the biggest mind control slaves out, all are radio-controlled and are programmed to harrass people who are seen as rebels to the Illuminati cult. This often extends to rape. These Masons see this animal behaviour as their 'prerogative', as members of the Illuminati cult.

A SMART effective treatment is to simply holler (or loudly whisper):

"ARSEHOLE!" at them, if they attempt to harrass you by their whistling codes. Their whistling codes are 'carrier pigeon 77' signals to try and bring an errant back under control or to abuse them sexually.

Why are they so hung about about being called ARSEHOLES?

It is bound up with their Illuminati programming. They were all viciously annally raped out of their minds, as children and also as young men.

Therefore many of them turn closet gay in the end - most tend to marry at some point - ALL end up with a sort of 'reference' for the arsehole and fear of it i.e. it is a way to completely dominate another person (the extreme shock up the spinal cord to the brain) and gives you the power of a 'god' over others...yet at the same time, they have repressed memories of the full horror of the pain and torture involved in this type of mind control training. Hence an anal obsession that none of them really get over.

Prince Philip trains his Templars to shout out SAVE ARSEHOLES at their demonic rites rather than SAVE OUR SOULS. You get the picture?


Anonymous said...


Methinks you mean REVERENCE - as sort of adulation and santification of the 'arsehole' as the HOLY GRAil - as is befitting an arse-licking and kissing Baphomet cult.

Aren't closet queens sad?

Anonymous said...

I remembered during my 'deprogramming' that my deprogrammer/therapist had made mention of having to 'wash my brain' and me being alarmed by that one - I retorted 'do you mean brainwashing'?

He said 'no' - simply to get rid of the injected fluid that the Illuminati had put in. I didn't question further because quite frankly, I didn't want to know but agreed to it - what else could I do?

Anyway, having regained nearly all of my memories of extreme abuse from the UK Illuminati (i.e. British Intelligence and various members of the Royal Family at different points in my life)I was then left with 'tapes' of the programmer voices that would faintly 'echo' what I had said to myself in my head and on occasion would be activated to say things like 'Akhenaton, Akhenaton, Akhenaton' in an anguished sort of way (this had come from the demonic ceremonies conducted at the Royal Academy - where so many of the KK Royal Druids lurk - these echoes brought back the memories of their demonic rites).

Anyway, I decided to find out if these 'tapes' were related to CRYSTALS and so got out my crystal collection.

It was a very interesting experiment and I wish I could remember all the names of the crystals, anyway:

The most interesting one was the speckly brown stone...with faun and white circles upon it -Turritella Agate.

At any rate, I stuck this into the ear which I had remembered had been injected with a radio implant and immediately the 'Akhenaton, Akhenaton' tape began to softly echo in my brain.

The CITRINE/orange crystal gave me a lowish long 'hum' of a sound at first -the strongest noise of the lot - rather like a tuning fork. It then turned into what sounded like MORSE CODE -a sort of dot-dot-dash-dash disjointed HUM and I was left in no doubt that it was computerised.

So tell me, do people normally get this sort of 'noise phenomena' in their ear when they put a crystal into it or does this only happen if you have been radio-chipped?

The dark blue crystal (Tourmaline, I think) emited another sound frequency and also made me feel very uncomfortable (this is the 'Royal blue' after all) and so on, I was left in no doubt, having heard the varying tones of HUMMING in my ear that these crystals were reacting with a radio in some way but no idea how.

Some of the crystals also jarred/jammed frequencies - anyway, one can see that all one needs to do is to take down the CELL PHONE TOWERS and then the Illuminati wouldn't bother to attempt to chip anybody now, would they?

All Illuminati slaves are chipped and that means most of the population of the UK by now.

Anonymous said...

In reply to 'Turkish friend at Warwick University' - read the Dr Seuss book mentioned:

"From rain when it's fall-ish, I'm going to protect them. No matter how small-ish."

The code for LITTLE PEOPLE is 'ish'. Your friend was probably brain-damaged by British Intelligence mind control programming.

Anonymous said...

I was 'fortunate' enough to meet Mr Putin and other members of the KGB in Poland after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Guess what? Mr Putin and his colleagues loved YES, MINISTER because they figured that this TV series was optimal 'teaching materials' for new recruits to the KGB regarding how British Politics were run 'from behind' and would they be wrong?

Mr Putin saw himself as another Humphrey - obviously the series doesn't translate that well culturally because he didn't seem to see anything wrong with this character at all i.e. Humphrey was the cleverest in a ship of fools so what if he didn't play by the rules? He was somebody to be admired.

It makes you wonder how many of the KGB/FSB haunt the corridors of the Russian equivalent of WHITEHALL. It also makes you wonder how many like Rimington (KGB from the 1960s but with other plans later on) who frequented Mark Rockefeller'ss office in Whitehall - were also involved in 'intelligence' and from just about any agency. I mean what is going on in WHITEHALL nowadays? It seems that most agencies would see it as the nexus of power and try to get one of their agents in there and so it is probably riddled with them.

Anonymous said...

Update on Eliza Manningham-Buller's death codes (put in during extreme torture when the slave was either techinically 'dead' i.e. during an NDE or near to it):


AP signifies a death code. The code above this signifies 'status'.

Anyway, the other codes are very similar - from numbers 1-9 if you substitute them for the number 3 in the above code.

Beware if you see ANY code upon a form sent to you which begins:

100100 and then continues with either 1/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/0

Once forwarned, this mind control code can no longer be triggered. These mind control death threat commands are numerous but generally to do with heart attacks and breathing (or rather lack of it).

Anonymous said...

For anyone forced to attend the Templar Castle 2001 - you will have been reprogrammed with the rooms of the castle (as compartmentalised 'blocks' within your mind). The ILL programmers also put in the MI6 'carousel' visualisation beneath this and in addition, 6 large cans (rather like TUNA CANS but in fact more like FILM CANNISTERS)...AND underneath that, you will find the CATS EYES IN THE DARKNESS which hide the faces of the top ILL programmers e.g. LOWRIES AND SAATCHIS of this world.

Anonymous said...

The real author of Harry Potter speaks out:

John Waters told me not to be too hard on him because his downfall was cumulative...firstly, 'Mark' Rockefeller had been one of the BETTER people within the elite...he had been far more moral than most...but when it came to finding out that I was a '13th chosen one', he had been tempted to play a game - a terrible game with me - to which I had no option but to agree (otherwise, I would not have survived at all)...and then he had fallen deciding that he would use and abuse me in order to make his name as a 'documentary film director' 'owning' the rights to my lifestory on celluloid...he had then fallen even further by agreeing with RIMINGTON'S mob to share out the HARRY POTTER money because as I was under his control - no reason why I should benefit from anything at all...people don't go to the 'bad' overnight...normally it is a cumulative thing...step by step...
I now know why I put up that link for the photograph of 'really evil-looking guy' upon the Internet from MIDISHRINE.COM... the guy who looks so evil, he puts NORMAN BATES to shame and makes Christopher Lee look like a 'ham actor'...he had been on that mind control course but not based at POWERGEN...the only time I can really remember him, is abroad and in Tibet or somewhere hot at any rate...ruins around, desert sun...more likely to be the middle-east...

At any rate, this is the guy that Mark was sexually obsessed with even though he treated him like muck...used to be terrible to him because he was aware of Mark's infatuation with him...and this culminated in a planned attack upon Mark by this brute and his mates...they had decided to use the programmer's techniques of making a mind control slave...without 'permission'...but Mark didn't 'come back'...and CPR on his chest didn't bring him back and those bastards freaked out...and so what they did then was to make a brutal tracheotomy but they had no idea where or how to do it and so did it 'Yellow Submarine' style by gauging out a hole at the bottom of his throat and pulling out his trachea...until somebody managed to get help...hence the appalling scarring upon Mark's throat. Funnily enough, even after this terrible incident...Mark remained 'devoted' to this guy.

I can now see that a lot of these MIDISHRINE.COM photographs were taken a long time 1980 to be precise...

Anyway, all I can see now, is that I never ever understood Mark at all...a very 'complex character'...but can see that 'devotion' to this evil bloke was rather like his 'infatuation' with Rimington...I had no idea WHY, about that one either.

I suppose one could glibly say that Mark was a 'born masochist' because most people would then plan their revenge upon such a person and follow it through - they would definitely lose any 'love/sexual feelings' about that person, after such a hideous and life-threatening attack.

However, I do not think that sadists and masochists are 'born'...not those who are ILL-programmed at any rate...but some people can 'flip' into those extremes during/after programming.

I now understand why John Waters was so sympathetic to him...because from his own personal history of self-abuse...cutting, then learning to 'enjoy' pain...he hadn't been 'born' that way but found it a 'release' because of the hideous social/physical abuse perpetrated upon him as a child and young man, in the USA as a 'black queer Jew'...and John had found a certain 'brethren' in the 'S/M Palaces'...who understood this need to self-harm as a way of alleviating stress and unbearable emotions...because I suppose, when virtually your whole community is involved in 'mobbing' those like you...there is no way to 'hit back' and so you begin to internalise the abuse.

Another part of the jigsaw puzzle fits into place - once Mark had come back from the hospital in 1980 - I felt so sorry for him (in 1980)...had a short conversation with him telling him: 'you need to be protected' although I certainly couldn't provide that protection. What I really meant was, he needed to be protected from himself...shown how to protect himself from other extreme sadists...and who better to provide that knowledge and protection than John Waters?

That is why I recounted some time ago in my notes that I had 'sent' Mark to John...and they had met in San Francisco...I could 'see' the was all a 'telepathic arrangement' because Mark was a strong telepath...John was somebody who could teach him how to look after himself and how to survive within the ILL cult.

John Waters wasn't what I would call a 'straight masochist' at all...he certainly had sadistic tendencies...but in the main, he was the most balanced and 'wise' person that I had ever met in the ILL cult - on a pragmatic as well as spiritual wonder Mohammed El Fayid took a shine to him...and helped him out, later on.

I wonder if his influence upon me had given me some insight into ILL sadism/masochism and how to deal with it, from an early age?

Anonymous said...


Having remembered RIMINGTON being in the room with MARK whilst he was showing me his SPUDNIK collection...I can now guess what evil influence was upon him at that time...he had let his masochistic tendencies run away with him and acceded to Rimington's complete control of him...which explains his idolisation of her (which I couldn't previously understand), as he had once idolised that bloke who had butchered his throat, after torturing him into an NDE.

The extreme sadism of Rimington supplied a masochistic 'need' for him. Something which I didn't share and so previously hadn't guessed at, as a major part of the problem that I was trying to analyse...i.e. how could this really 'good bloke' be acting in such an untrustworthy way? He had his reasons.

As far as the legal ramifications of the whole Harry Potter 'ownership' dilemma is concerned, Israeli Intelligence and the CIA have the tapes of British Intelligence forcing me to sign away all rights to the entire Harry Potter show and they have now found and disposed of that false will which was found in a security box in a bank vault. Mark was arrested when he went back there to check up on it. That will has now been destroyed.

I have to wait until all parties concerned, come to some conclusion and this has been a living hell for me and not alleviated by any of those involved.

Perhaps they all want me to 'die off' before they get anything through - so that like mad insects, they can then fight over the money without having to bother with the real author making any claims to any of it, at all.

All I want is a decent life for myself, I never cared about money but at present cannot even afford my own home or the dental care that I am currently in need of - whilst these people wrangle over 'who gets what' over my head.

Anonymous said...

Anybody like to comment upon the BON Tibetan tradition as infiltrated by the St John cult and turned towards the left hand path?

This webpage upon the topic of 'AKASHA' the fifth element (which the Chinese put in as metal but in Buddhism, they have 4 elements and this ethereal one)...shows the different belief systems regarding the basic elements:

The BON tradition however, calls this 5th element something far more pragmatic i.e. SPACE and this instantly reminded me of MI6 COSMOS PROGRAMMING:

The above webpage covers all theories which could lead to the possiblity of TIMETRAVEL through this 5th element...

Anonymous said...

I recently noted that the EARTH element symbolic 'structure' has been pulled out of the PENTAGRAM of 'number 6'. Is this a declaration of hostility or downright war?

Anonymous said...

KATSAV - CATS EYES - the usual mind control programming image, used to protect the top master programmers.

The SAATCHIS AND LOWRYS used this to hide behind.

The SAATCHIS had played ROYALTY in Israel, over and above the PRESIDENT and PRIME MINISTER of Israel - but it had all come to an end. The Police/Military had moved in and were beginning to root out all of the ILL and that included arresting their President.

Anonymous said...

I have been sent some images of autopsies which had been ordered by the BMA - the information was then passed onto the BMJ.

It was found to be true that Illuminati slaves had a sort of 'slime' around their brains which when tested in terms of the DNA was found to contain 'alien DNA' (NOT from 'outer space' but from other human beings - let me make that one VERY clear).

Therefore, the next obvious step will be to track down the 'alien DNA' owners, those who have had their DNA implanted into these victims of the sick cult.

What prompted this 'investigation' to be launched?

The apparent disappearance of ex-BMJ editor, Tony Smith.

Anonymous said...

Notes upon the psychology of those divided into the two primary 'orders' of MASTER and SLAVE within the Illuminati cult:

The eye-opener for me here is that when you have a ROCKEFELLER who is predominantly a masochist, they can be as much a danger to society and 'world stability' as any sadist (like RIMINGTON for example)because unless their compulsion to do 'wrong' is understood, they continue to do it and then beat themselves up afterwards, repent/make amends and then the whole vicious psychological cycle begins again as they set up another situation where they can 'feel the pain' again...

Black Rabbit said...

Notes from a remote-viewer trained by MI6:

I became aware, a couple of days ago that the 'war' going on in and around Georgia had an ulterior motive...Prime Minister Putin communicated an odd image to me...that of a large 'black spot' in the region...almost the size of a town...the people who had made their base here, were of the top Illuminati and linked to the SAATCHI family. One of the objectives of this 'war' is to get rid of the lot of them.

So why did MILIBAND release such a bizarre statement in terms of calling for an 'immediate cease-fire'. What an impotent gesture to make. Surely one should know that if one makes impotent gestures as a political statesman, that everybody is going to have a low opinion of you. Only make 'calls' like that if you think that you are going to be listened to and your opinion respected.

Did MILIBAND think that the Russians would put down their weapons like a bunch of embarrassed schoolboys and say 'yes, peace is better than war'...a 'ceasefire saves us the bother of having to fight...dur...dur...dur...' I mean, what did he expect as a reaction to such an impotent statement?

Why did GEORGE BUSH issue an equally ludicrous statement about how this war 'threatened world stability' or something like that? One can see his axe to grind in the situation is one of a 'lizard programmer mind control slave' of the Saint John cult.

Anonymous said...

So the SAATCHI and LOWRY family were running the KATSAV family in Israel and the Templar Castle tapes were supposed to go to the GOLDMAN-SACHS organisation.

This is beginning to look like a 'false Jews' conspiracy at the top of the Illuminati cult.

Anonymous said...

I met MOSHE DAYAN as an old man in Jerusalem and he was the one who was still active in Israeli Army Intelligence, raising a rebel group against the US bankers, whom he had termed SATANIC. He knew all about their demonic rites and was waging a secret war against them.

It isn't fair or right to call Israel a 'fascist' or dictatorial Zionist State. There are so many Jewish people who have risked their lives to expose these 'false Jews' and they succeeded in doing so - with the house arrest and interrogation of their President Katsav.

Anonymous said...

HARWICH LIBRARY is a rather strange one, isn't it? As an Australian guy said to me the other day - he had never seen such a computerised set up before - (as in the self-service desk) but then it is used as a prototype to show Illuminati slaves, how one day, every single person would be chipped and barcoded upon their forearm and there would no longer be any need for 'cards' as such.

This is what the Illuminati are going all guns for.

It takes me back to something very peculiar in Shanghai, China during the time of SARS and I remember going to one of the most important art galleries to see an exhibition with a member of British Intelligence and at the cloakroom we were asked to be 'scanned'.

The cloakroom assistant then produced what looks like an almost identical machine to one of those library barcode scanners in Harwich - the black tool to read barcodes in the library and pointed it at this woman's forehead - and shone a little red light upon her forehead.

I was so amazed that she was taking this so lightly that I asked to take a photograph.

I then asked her what was going on and she replied as if it were the most normal thing in the world, that this was a SARS test scan.

I found that hardly credible but wanting to see the exhibition, decided that I would have to put up with this 'test' myself and it was painless but still worrying. Everyone who entered the gallery had to go through this 'procedure'.

Anyway, the cloakroom assistant let me take the picture and so I now have a photo of this assistant pointing this black gizmo at the woman's forehead with a red spot glowing in the centre of it.

I do not think that medical science has reached the point where they can pick up a disease such as SARS by shining a little red light at your forehead, can they?

This is all a bit too 'Dr McCoy' and STAR TREK for me - that scanner was reading your microchip, wasn't it? One implanted by or in your pineal gland although this member of British Intelligence did say that she thought that it was supposed to be reading your temperature.

Okay, it sounded feasible at the time but still but because of the 'red light' and what I know about the 'red light' in terms of Illuminati scientific abuse - it all looks highly suspect - also, most people in that gallery were Europeans/tourists.I cannot remember seeing any Chinese people there at all.

Anyway, this British Intelligence Officer also told me that she had brought in friends before who were then REFUSED entry and she presumed that was because their 'temperature' was too high and that it was all very embarrassing. I asked what had happened to them then - presumably they would have been jumped upon by men in white coats but no, nothing - they just had to leave the art gallery - even though they had kicked up something of a fuss at the time. They were French business people whom she had been asked to act as a guide for because her British husband worked at a French engineering company in Shanghai.

This gallery was the only place that I ever visited which had this sinister procedure AND going to Beijing next and being taken to the most famous national ART GALLERY in Tianamen Square by a Chinese guide - nobody got out that little black scanner there and told me that I had to have a SARS test before entering a Public building and so it wasn't what you would call 'official government policy'

I remember that the gallery that this British Intelligence Officer had taken me to, had American money behind it - a very impressive modern building indeed. State of the Art.

One other point - upon the front of the scanner was a red digital string read-out of many numbers and it didn't make sense at all in terms of either Farenheit or Centigrade.

I questioned the British Intelligence Officer upon that one and she professed total ignorance. Like a lamb to the slaughter.

Just how much are EVEN British Intelligence Officers, kept in the dark about microchipping and the fact that they have all been microchipped?

Anonymous said...

It is always interesting to me, to look at the other side of the 'rough paper' that is given to me when I ask for it at the main HARWICH library desk...and this piece of 'computer tickertape paper' is no exception:






Okay, I get that the Library might be supplying newspapers to a person/organisation upon a street in Harwich called 'Kingsway' which crosses the High Street but WHY?

What I do NOT get is 'FLIGHT INTL'. An internal flight or an international one?

What is the 'advance(d) morning print'?

Why is Martin called 'bro' 439?

I could hazard a guess and say that 'Martin' is one of British Intelligence's programmed 'airplane' slaves - so let us hope that flight 439 doesn't crash out of the sky then - as Rimington and Tomlinson's 'planes' are apt to do.

Anonymous said...

Has anybody read that article about CRAY COMPUTERS yet?

What was that reference to CRAY COMPUTERS all about? You know the one - how to crash them if you are microchipped and on the network. More general info here:


The CRAYFISH appears upon the TAROT card of the MOON and is supposed to represent 'deep subterannean forces' of the psyche. The card itself means 'deception' and 'illusion'.

I guess that description could also fit the ILL computer system of networked MICROCHIPPED mind control slaves.

Anonymous said...

I bought THE INDEPENDENT today because of the front page article about Prime Minister Putin and Georgia. I had no idea what to expect because I had only seen the BBC headlines upon this news item briefly.

It had a quote in it from Medvedev which could have been made about those at the Templar Castle 2001, in relation to what the definition of 'lunatic' is - he had called the Georgian President Saakashvili a lunatic:

"The difference between lunatics and other people is that when they smell blood it is very difficult to stop them. So you have to use surgery."

Looking at the strange similarity between the name SAAKASHVILI and SAATCHI was an interesting one - it also brought up Eliza Manningham-Buller's extreme reverence for VITA SACKVILLE-WEST.What a genealogy, eh?

The photograph of the 'Harvard-educated' SAAKASHVILI didn't make pleasant viewing either - he is unpleasantly 'cross-eyed'. The result of mind-splitting 'gone wrong', no doubt. The two sides of the brain acting independently, to an extreme.

ANNE PENKETH (Diplomatic Editor) had this to say about Saakashvili's behaviour:

"Mr Saakashvili ignored Western warnings - including those from the US Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, during a visit to Georgia - not to respond to Russian provocation. But in the end he fell into the Russian trap by ordering an ill-planned strike while the eyes of the world were on the Olympic Games in Beijing."

It is the phrase ILL-PLANNED that interests me.

Additionally, it reminds me of the Arab countries and their decision to attack Israel upon the holiest day of the year - YOM KIPPUR in 1967 when total abstinence from food or liquids and also 'work' are the order of the day, in order to repent and atone. It is political manoeuvering and strategy that puts you and your cause, in the very worst possible light. Put simply, it makes you look BAD and in the wrong, immediately.

Anonymous said...

ILLUMINATI PROGRAMMING is going strong in Shanghai.

The BRITISH COUNCIL there, has an underground room where there was a 'Chinese-style' (complete with bamboo poles) MI6 CAROUSEL upon which to torture victims until they disassociate, within the basement.

Black Rabbit said...

An email from the REAL AUTHOR of HARRY POTTER who has been harassed beyond reason by faceless CIVIL SERVICE bureaucrats after having been denied a job in this country by MI6 - then informed by MI5 that if she goes to work abroad, that MI6 will attempt to murder her. Here is her latest battle against the DHSS to try to prevent them from illegally forcing her to work for nothing in order to claim State benefits:

I sent the email below to a government email for all ministers which immediately froze this computer and then a box flashed up with 'texas' on it or something like that... and then once I had switched off this library computer and rebooted it...I found that my sent email had disappeared from my 'SENT' email box and ALL other correspondence with governmental departments.

A big hassle because then I had to go back to this site: order to get the email addresses again...although, thinking about it now...I had already recorded them in address book but didn't know who they appertained to...

So tell me, who is intercepting my emails and why? Anyway, I sent this email off to the relevant 'work and pensions' top bananas...and also to Gordon Brown's office and to a peculiar email addresss on the PMs website:

Read this from the above webpage:

"Click on this link to return to the home page. If you followed a link from this site to get here, please contact the Digital Communications team in Number 10: "

Eventually after using a pseudonym and alternative email address, I managed to get my email through to the following people at Central Government:

Date: Saturday, August 16, 2008, 5:57 AM

I would like to keep you informed and updated about court proceedings regarding the illegality of enforcing government 'rulings' as 'legal tender'.

Here is the main body of my reply to Mr WELLS at the Harwich JOBCENTRE regarding an incipient court case regarding the harassment that I have endured and threats to cut off my benefit if I do not attend an interview for NEW DEAL 25 PLUS.

David Wells
Site Manager
Harwich Jobcentreplus
Advisory Services Manager
Colchester Jobcentreplus

16th August 2003

Dear Mr Wells,

RE: NEW DEAL 25 PLUS pamphlet in relation to page 4:

“If you are claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance, and you are aged 25 or over and under State Pension age, you must take part in New Deal 25 plus to carry on getting some of your benefits.”

May I remind you that ‘governmental rulings’ essentially operate as ‘guidelines’ and do not constitute LAW and nor are they regarded as LEGAL TENDER.

They are therefore not enforceable in the way that for example, even a by-law may be enforced if transgressed, leaving the offender open to prosecution in a Magistrate’s Court.

You could refer to the Parliamentary HANSARD reports but I think that you will find that no LAWS were passed in relation to making NEW DEAL 25 PLUS a ‘mandatory scheme’ for the unemployed.

The above is a ‘guideline’ and nothing more. It is NOT enforceable and is therefore a misleading statement within this pamphlet and you have every right to be ‘confused’ about this issue.

The term ‘mandatory’ is not applicable to this governmental ruling and is an error in this pamphlet which you should take up with government (and your local MP) if you would like further clarification of the legal difference between what is considered ‘mandatory’ and what is ‘optional’ by the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service).

I am therefore not legally obliged to attend any NEW DEAL interview and any attempt to enforce this by further harassment, could result in prosecution.

In future, I would like to request that you continue this correspondence by email:

I will be continuing with court proceedings and would therefore like to remind you that emails constitute a bona fide document and can be used as evidence in court.

I have been reluctantly forced to add your letter to my growing file, within the category of ‘harassment’.

In conclusion, I would like to add that if my claim for JOBSEEKER’S ALLOWANCE has already been closed down - that this could be construed as a serious error upon your part.

I look forward to hearing your reply and would like to assume that I will be able to withdraw my JOB SEEKER’S ALLOWANCE for the past two weeks on Tuesday 16th August - as is normally the case, after I have signed on at 10 a.m. upon the Thursday of the previous week.

I do hope that you will not disappoint me, regarding this ‘misunderstanding’ of legal matters versus governmental ‘guidelines’.

Best wishes,

Emily Gyde MA

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